Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Precious Thing, Finest Thing

Today me & Ommy found something precious. A very luxury thing. Actually we just wandered around the Pacific Place Mall. It was on 2nd floor. Firstly we stuck on the beautifully display ahead, because something made us standing very long time until we tempted to coming through the shop.
Yap, we go inside. Oh by the way the name of the shop is Gordon Max. It's jewellery shop. Full of crystals and shiny things... Luxurious we smell it :)
What made us really curious of it? That jewellery shop displayed mask. And it's NOT kind of ordinary mask. The mask was come from Venice, Italy. Ommy said she ever looked that mask on Evita Nuh's blog. Ommy looked Evita wore a mask with a little feather on right side. And it's just looked the same like on the display. 
It poisoned me. I felt a lil interesting. Then I tried to find the price behind the mask, because I saw a price tag, but I can't find the number or some kind like code.
So we go then met the staff, and she asked us did we knew about Gordon Max? We answered yes, because we just opened the official site already. She felt surprised. Then she explained about the product more, and the difference of Gordon Max's crystal with others. And we asked about the mask.
She explained, the mask were not Gordon Max's products. It's only for fulfill the store because it had the same red line with the luxury theme.
I asked, where Gordon Max got that supercool masks?
She answered the masks from Venetian. And it's all handmade. Wow!
Okay enough for the explanation about the story is. D'ya curious with the beautiful masks?
I googling, then found several. Here we go,

All the photos taken from Brian Sibley.
thank you, sir for borrowed your picture :)

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