Thursday, September 16, 2010

From Rei Kawakubo To Evita Nuh

Hello, Lockerette!
D'ya havin' a good day today? Hope you guys having some fun. The holiday still goes on, so enjoy your 'You-Time' with family, friends, or maybe you just doing your favorite hobbies..? Who knows after the holiday you'll become a new entrepreneur.. Haha.. good luck, everyone :D
The Lady Locker were so very busy in this holiday. We still working day & night but not forget to be stylish yet. Hehe.. For us living in hectic city like Jakarta, holiday just like heaven. Why? Because all the protocol street is really emptyyy.... Until I can imagine how can be so fun if I can sleeping around and rolling my body along the Sudirman Street! Hahahaha... *krazy*
Okay, So now I want to post the style when me and Ommy dressed up like Rei Kawakubo. Yap, the visionary behind the label of Comme Des Garcons . We steal her unique style, like her signature straight-bob hair.

And here it these.. 

Ommy (left): black fedora, Toasty blue boy-cardigan, pink-piano pattern tie, white shirt, bob wig
Quirky Jelly (right): black fedora, red suspender, UK pattern tie, white shirt, hi-waist black jeans, bob wig

In 'side to side' photo above, we copied the style from Evita Nuh's blog header. :))

Hahahha... I knew, I knew what you're thinking of.. We're not looking so Kawakubo, right?! :D

photo taken by  Ms. Gnarly Rizkie
thx! :D

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