Thursday, September 2, 2010

Locker Festive!

Now I'm wearing a kid dress. My other boss always pushed me to wore this dress.. He said this dress would gonna be fit in me! *sigh* so when the time I wear this, he's really happy and prooved that he just right. Okayy bosss...
Honestly, this dress is kinda tube dress. So the truly find to wear it on chest, not on my hip...
The point style to looking so Festive are the bunch of necklaces! Soo colourful and many kind of shapes :D

-Ommy Marietta-

 If Ommy wore so many kind of shapes necklaces around her neck, not on me. I wore so many patternize of ties.... Luckily my dress is black! Just like the post before, this outfit pieces I've got it from ITC Mangga Dua. No brand, but fashionable enough :)
But for the Festive ties I bought it from Underground Terminal of Blok M. Yea you need to go there, fellas. Because if you looking for some vintage & quirky ties, that tie-kiosk is the right place :))

-Quirky Jelly-

P.S: All the photos taken by
Thank youu!!
Woopsaa.... I almost forgot, Mr. Givan Sonofgusky taken our picture while Ms. Gnarly Rizkie can't take it :))
Thank you, guys!! You guys help us very much!! muaachh!! **kisskiss**

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