Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hijab Day

May 25th 2013 would be my memorable day. I came into the big day of muslimah event, Hijab Day with my besties Ommy and Lala at Skeeno Hall Gandaria City. As if you knew before, Lala was the first girl who's wear hijab since I knew her at the first time then continued me and Ommy at last. We never make a promise to wear hijab together. But yes we are now wearing hijab not because the fashion of muslimah today is really impressive, and we want to be a trendy girl, no we're not! Its very shallow to wear hijab without your goals and vision, and hijab is a commitment to be the true moslem, also with God. And as long as I wear hijab since 2 months ago which I feel is happiness and my knowledge about Islam is increasing, slowly but surely :) 
Okay, I think I had too much to write, so here's the pics I can show :D

10.000 thousands hijab donation

super colorful printed hijab scarfs! <3

the new 'it' trend, colorful motives mukena

cotton printed scarf by KAMI

Cute hijab accessories from Queenlicious <3 Yay! I bought some from them!

HOLD Accessories

Andinara, I looooveee these!

colorful handmade thread lanterns <3

its really pretty views there! So see you another moslem event!