Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy World Forest Day

Happy World Forest Day!

You don't have to be look like strength activist for save this world. Just starting from simple things around you, change the bad habits with dispose of waste to the place, refused to use crackle bag when shopping at the supermarket, revoke any unused electrical current inside the house. Because everything is going to be energy vampires. Stream of energy flowing, but not channeled electricity delivered to the object. Example in cell phone charger. If it is not in use, unplug it from the electrical outlet and use again if needed. Very simple, huh?

if you want to act real, you can follow the ways offered by Greenpeace Indonesia. in this year's campaign is about "Save the Arctic."

"Step into a real human being, when acting not say .."

"Langkah manusia menjadi nyata, saat bertindak bukan berkata.."
Maliq & D'Essentials "Dunia Sekitar" - SRIWEDARI

And also see their video call motion changes to our love arctic.

Jazzy Vibes

I love Maliq & D'Essentials, one of a kind Indonesia Music artist with Jazz vibes. Last saturday I went to Central Park Jakarta for watching their performances. But sadly I can't go near into the stage, because its only of the phone-buyers. Yes, I was go to the Grand Launching of Blackberry Z10 at Jakarta. The first time in Indonesia. Okay so I won't talking about the technology now, meanwhile that RIM (now Blackberry only) didn't pay me to write the reviews.. Hahahaa... No no, I'm not so cynical of that :) just kidding :D

But then I'll go into the level 1 floor, watching from the heights, its quite fun, moreover I can zoom in their performance :)

my dearest friend Nana watched Maliq very seriously^^ she's big fans of Maliq & D'Essentials :)


after the show is done, me & Nana goes to the Central Park, a park inside the mall. It's very nice place, and also we watched a home band, singing top 40s, accompanied by the dancing waterfall, and the romantic lighting park :) so beautiful <3

(using reflected touch)

wore 3 kind of necklaces. tribal necklace: Yogya | ring metal necklace: unbranded | dream catcher necklace: unbranded | grey dress: sister's | black legging: unbranded | shoes: DIY converse 

Don't forget to check my video about Maliq show!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Winners of #MARCHGiveaways :)


My heart beatin' so fast to write down this post...
After 3 days plus 1 day (for judgement time), I've got so many tweets from everyone about 90s! Some of catchy, some of write about their unforgettable childhood experiences and etc. I've got insomnia to choose the winners! Also, I already announced the people about the prizes that you can get. I already mention about the giveaways, a book from Marchella FP with titled "GENERASI 90AN". a book. but I extended become 2. So the total winners are THREE..! Yay! ^^

And now the winners are! :

Agung Rpani @piagioripani
Rizki Ridho Akbar @Qdut
Givan @sonofgusky

Congratulation to you guys!!
You truly 90s kids! 
For check their tweets, you can search to hashtag at #MARCHGiveaways and be careful getting nostalgic with their stories!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


LADY LOCKER: EARTH HOUR 2013: I almost forgot about this! don't forget to join this event. It wouldn't made you feel bankrupt with turn off the elec...


I almost forgot about this!

don't forget to join this event. It wouldn't made you feel bankrupt with turn off the electrical things only 60 minutes. 60 minutes for big change to earth. 
randomly, I just thought about Superman doing every disaster by his self. So pathetic. We can DO something for this earth like him, just for while--meanwhile Superman flying to Krypton, or to the other side of this earth.
You don't have to wear the blue-red costume, you still can wear your favorite heels while the Earth Hour goes on.

Please join and show your love to mother earth, we love our planet. We love our future.
No place like home, right?

join this site to make a change:

Friday, March 15, 2013

2nd Giveaways :)

I miss my 90s era!
you know, today's kid would get every each information really easily. When I was a school-kid, I really hard to search my favorite things. For example, I love Hanson. Every article about them in magazine, newspapers, I will buy 2 pieces, one for collectible other for collage-cut pictures. I always dream about them came just for me (especially Zachary Hanson, the cutest drummer of the era), reply my secret message, we talk like forever best friends... And I'm gonna be Zac's girlfriend... Such a wild! Hahaaa... :D
But today's kid will getting any information really fast & quick just type & text such as twitter and others social medias to get their responses. Some of working, some of still try so hard to get another replies with multiple mentions (my personal experiences =_=). I would not give a damn with it, just wanna say, you guys really lucky living in this era. I even jealousy! If years ago the technology already boost like today, I'm gonna very easily keep in touch with Zac! Hahaaa... Kidding :D But somehow, the vintage is memorable & long lasting, I just compared, don't wanna fight, hehee. Because I enjoy & living today, using the new kind of techs & modern life style too :)

Well, talking about the memories of 90s, I'm gonna give you this memorable book about 90s, written by Marchella FP  the one kind of graphic book designer, with kind of memories of 90s inside. Its really fun and you'll gonna say, "Aaaaa iyaa banget!" or laughing read the notes for every picture she drawing off of. And this is really good book for you who was born in late 90s and the 2000 something. You will  know the history about the cool thing of our era :)

So get this #MARCHGiveaways with follow the instruction below:
1. Follow my twitter @quirkyjelly
2. Tell me about your favorite things in 90s, everythings (could be music, food, toys, jokes, fashion, tv series, etc.)
3. Don't forget give the last tweet with hashtag #MARCHGiveaways
4. Maximum 5 tweets from you :)
5. I will announce the winner at Monday 18th March 2013

Good luck! :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

DIY-Room Tour :)

I love DIY-Project till I die!

Last week, I took very long annual leaves about 5 days. And I make over my room since the flood tragedy last January in Jakarta (it does gave us big effect even we're not Jakarta's people, but we're living exactly near Jakarta). Because me and my family were very busy persons ever (even week end we still working until the midnight is come:( ) we're never tidy up very total to our lovely house. So I took this holiday to clean up my home after 1 month ago, plus make over my lovely bedroom^^

Okay, I would not posting how-to-make it proceed, but I will post about the photos about prepare tools, before-after, and the result.



and also you can check my video about Room Tour, especially with my favourite song from Maliq & D'Essentials! 

Thanks for reading& watching!^^

Glittery Dorothy

Still with my DIY project, today I re-vamp my old red converse with something new. Something that would bring me to Oz like Dorothy. Yup! I make up my sneakers with red glitters!^^

I love to search in youtube about DIY Project etc, and I was found in one account about making your own Halloween costume with cheap and easy way. And now I want to do it with my own shoes.

First thing to do, you will need this equipment. Prepare all.
1. Big bowl (to accommodate grain glitters, by the way the bowl not include in this photo, but next, I forgot to put it in).
2. Fox glue
3. Brush, medium size.
4. Absolutely glitters (I choose the red one, because my basic sneakers is red)
5. Paper tape
6. Old newspapers.
7. 3M Spray Mount Artist's Adhesive
8. A little magic of creativity :) Boom shakalakaa :D

Then, you covering the rubber sole with paper tape. Don't worry, the glue & glitter will not leaking through the tape :)

Glue all with brush, and don't forget to caught the glitter powder with bowl 
(It would be better you glue-ing per each sides)

Its not done yet, after all of completed, basking dry directly under the sun. 
Its better you did it at sunny day)

Spray with Spray Mount Artist's Adhesive by 3M then dry again.
(Don't forget to lay with old papers)

Voila! After one hour left and its already to use^^


I'll name my glitter red converse with Dorothy, hohohohoo^^ I'll post with outfits soon! 
Thanks for reading, I hope this post can bring you some inspired things..