Tuesday, November 20, 2012


What would be happen if creative meets cutie-bomb? The result is Fantastic!

When Nicola Formichetti meets Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, the IT icon singer from Japan, adorable iconic style very cute and amazing for me.. It was like a new world has born. Full of colors, many kind of shapes that you never-been-thinking of before to be fashion items. 
Nicola Formichetti a half Italian, a half Japanese was a head creative of Thierry Mugler, creative director of Uniqlo, a Japanese brand, direct stylish of Lady Gaga, and founder of e-commercial Nicopanda, met for DAZED cover magazine December edition with Japan Pop Star Kyary. and another cover with Angelababy, a beautiful model from China mainland, he said Angela doesn't need to go west, because here in Asia she's already massive star. And last word for Kyary (the words that made me LOL..) "F*** Gangnam Style! It is All about her!" no he must be kidding :))

source: Style.com

Behind the cover making video

And this is Angelababy with Nicola Formichetti

Monday, November 19, 2012

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

Helloooooo Fashionistas :D

The Most Stylish Week in The Town is back. Was located at Plaza Senayan, Atrium and the Fashion Loft Level 5 and held from 3-12 November2012, but some shows needs to re-scheduled because of the heavy rain made the fashion tent is broken. I was a lil disappointed, because my schedule to watched Rusly Tjohnardi at Tue 6th Nov moved on Saturday 10th. But, my disappointment paid off after watching the show that has been successfully rescheduled. No more words, here are some photos that I can show to you :) sorry for the bad shots, and the lighting less... May be represented very well.

The Covering Stage before it used

Kaisara by Faradna, Qonita Boutique by Qonita Ghalib, Khanaan by Khanaan, Sculpt by Maria Yosephine, Her by Priska Herlambang, anez by Anna Schmidt

ready to wear collection by Imelda Kartini

Satcas - Billy Wong - Batik Chic
Dewi Sandra, Kikan, Lala Karmela, Kamaya

by Ari Seputra, Sari Seputra, Inneke Margarethe

"Global Sailor" by Carline Darjanto & Ria Sarwono

Me and Annona. The stylish duo of the week (version by me, mehehehee...^^;)

me: shoes by La Jolie, Stripey Dress by B&G

And by waiting of another fashion show, I met a room of installation. Its UK Fashion Now. The project collaboration from British Council & Kemenparekraf, "Fashion Forward." And the chosen Indonesian Designers are Major Minor, Cotton Ink, Bretzel, Barli Asmara, Jeffry Tan, Albert Yanua, Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan, Dian Pelangi.

me, Annona & our beloved Rajiv^^ (check his clothing line here!)

It was fun and stylish week! So see you again next year!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

ScaryFun Halloween

Wow, its nov 18th and I post something about Halloween.. hahahaa.. sorry for really really late posting.. I was telling you about my business in working stuffs :( I hope its still useful posting for people searching of costume stuffs.

Those picture above are the decoration for Halloween Party at my office made by me & my friend, Annona. Its quite fun, and really happy with the kids area really enjoy the costume, the ambient, the place and the day. 

You can look out all of the costumes & properties for Halloween at Pasaraya Grande Blok M, level 5 at Kids Section. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Go Away, Smile

Mumble, mumble.

"Fashion puts my smile away!" -Victoria Beckham.

Haha.. I'm not Vic, just feeling awkward when I smile..

Monday, October 1, 2012

Goodbye, Lullaby

Sometimes, I remember the things that have been forgotten. Sometimes, I remember what you have left. Sometimes, I cry to remember things I have forgotten. Sometimes, it could easily be considered to be something heavy. I might have forgotten, but not be forgotten. all into graffiti my history, and it will change me even a little.
I miss the things that have been lost. even miss the things that are still concrete.
I miss everything .... I want to keep them there ...
I even like all join, without any loopholes that could undermine this relationship.

And all will be lost.

Clouds and sky take my picture when my oldest uncle died, the day before the month of Ramadan arrives. He left us all, and also left a deep wound that we have never felt ...

The sky was so bright, the air is so clean, the universe seemed sincere to welcome his arrival at the heart of the earth. Me and the family should be able to learn from the universe, although weight carried.

Book Worm

I love book!
I mean, I love every book with so many various themes :) Since I can read for the first time, I knew what it called comic. Some people don't read comics, maybe because the complicated to separate each panel to panel or the noise of the effects, but yes I can read comics. I was collecting comics too since I was a little girl. I have few, but most of them was borrowed from my friends, hehehehee... or my friends borrowed my collection and we can't find our original collection, because its too many hands over. Maybe you had the same experience like me too, huh?;)

Okay, I missed to collecting books or comics. And now I already had my own income every month, my own money, so I thought I should collecting few books to fill my empty bookcase. It wasn't the true bookcase, actually. I don't have any bookcase.. only my dad has it, fill with his old and bold books about maintenance and high machine.... x_X; I already try to collect comics, but disaster like great flood had destroyed the collection. So now I try to complete each of comic series, especially I found old themes like "Miss Modern" and "Pop Corn". Those are my favorite title, because I love the artistic how the manga-ka (the comic illustrator) drawing the characters and the story still normal (which are so many comics are very fantasy... not all,  but some). And after I bought those comics, I covered them with plastic book covers and put my own name card inside the book, to distinguish from others :)

September is my month of books :)

Yeay! Finally I found a book match with my likeness! It's a Doodle! <3

Some of the collections at my beauty desk....
(I don't have a bookcase =_=)

And the most my lovely hobby besides collecting books is making a smash book :)
This is my old-big smash book, full of my likeness since I was in High School <3
And few pictures are originally made by me :) And oh yeah, the left picture on the top are poems made by bestie Hanny since we 1st grade at High School! She has been soo creative! Love her artworks <3

If you wanna know more about how to made smash book / junk journal, you can check this video from youtube :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Long Ago


bloom pants - Mallory by Okky, shoes - Up

Hello All :)

I really miss my blogging time :( however I've been very merry busy like a hamster running in a wheel... Since Lebaran Day I have so many busy things to do. My job desk, actually. Yea.. I'm kinda hard worker.. and put the job thing first then another's soon. Lemme explain (ehm! I hope you guys would mind listening :) ).
I joint into the dance team, a flashmob dance team, another fun project at my office (you can check the youtube video below), and the last I've got promoted to the next level.. and I need to adapted with the situation.. the staff, the area which were I should lead on.. Very busy. 

Well, talking about the outfit. Since I've got 'a new toy' from Jizeeru, a white plain detachable collar with blue ribbon tie, I'm so in love to mix and matching with my outfits. Seriously it gave me a new style, meanwhile I just put it on to my old outfits :D. I'm wearing more than 3 times, and only post 3 combine pictures. 

But few friends called me a member from JKT48 when I wore that ribbon tie =_=;...

White detachable collar - Jizeeru, stripe shawl - Kidnapped Ally

And I made a shredded tee^^ 
I hope it works! I used this tee at the video below.
(sorry for the blur pic.. my brother use the zoom in)

And this is a video for my flashmob behind the scene dance practice :)
Maybe the dance at the big day is upcoming post^^

And the event news at indopos.co.id^^
(do you see me inside the photo?...)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dreamy Jizeeru

Yay! My packaged from Jizeeru has arrived! I saw Jizeeru brand when they show at their final graduation at  last year, Esmod Jakarta Fashion Festival 2011. It made by the creative designer Gisela Febrina Juwono. It fully touched of dreaming, imagination, and dreamy illustration. I love that, because I love kind of Japanese style and design, and a quirky touch (mehehehe..^^). Then I met this label again at Alley29 last bazaar at Plaza Indonesia. I ordered pink vest with transparent dotty fabric details. And a detachable white collar with ribbon tie. All I wanna say is..... TOTALLY CUTE!

If you interesting with their collections, you can check Jizeeru at Tumblr here
twitter at @Jizeeru_Sozo

Let the quirky dream coloring your days :)

日本の女子高生 - Gals

Hahahaa... I was check my friend, Rizkia's facebook and just found these old photos were never posted here before :) It was taken last 2010, when this blog still post about our daily life wear thematic dresses.We didn't cosplay, but we loved to dress thematic and look different. I hope it wasn't look out to date :D hihi...

But I still remember about these photos. It was happen on Monday, whereas the visitors somehow come from Japan families. And all of the Japanese moms look out and laughing us hideously. But I thought it was a lil bit humor and most important, they were all happy :)

Japanese Gals! ;D

Me at Jakarta Globe :)


Last month  (July20th 2012) I've had an interview from media (Which was the same day with my older uncle passed away--some kind of gambling feeling to take a hard decision....) a Jakarta Globe newspaper. They interviewed me about my current job in daily. So here can explain to you guys, what kind of job what I had, and what's the job desk to do with it, and if you ever already came to my workplace, which was a fame place for kids, KidZania Jakarta, you'll gonna knew it quickly. Yes! I am an employee there, working to served customers especially children, teach them about how-to-do with several future professions that they never imagined before. People may called us teachers, but we're not in school. We are a guider, an instructor, whatever you called us, but in my office we are a Zupervisor. What is that? Well, you might see my lil' chat with Ms. Isabella & Mr. Antony below :) 

released at 1st of August 2012

sorry if you can't read it, I resize into small pixelate :(

thanks for my marcomm-mate, Cut Veria, Raihan & Mba Vela
for Jakarta Globe's contributor journalist Ms. Isabella and editor Mr. Antony
Lots of thanks! ;D

Saturday, August 4, 2012


We are a part of Galaxy. A part of life thing. 

G A L A X Y  G A R D E N



picture from everywhere at google.com