Monday, August 6, 2012

Me at Jakarta Globe :)


Last month  (July20th 2012) I've had an interview from media (Which was the same day with my older uncle passed away--some kind of gambling feeling to take a hard decision....) a Jakarta Globe newspaper. They interviewed me about my current job in daily. So here can explain to you guys, what kind of job what I had, and what's the job desk to do with it, and if you ever already came to my workplace, which was a fame place for kids, KidZania Jakarta, you'll gonna knew it quickly. Yes! I am an employee there, working to served customers especially children, teach them about how-to-do with several future professions that they never imagined before. People may called us teachers, but we're not in school. We are a guider, an instructor, whatever you called us, but in my office we are a Zupervisor. What is that? Well, you might see my lil' chat with Ms. Isabella & Mr. Antony below :) 

released at 1st of August 2012

sorry if you can't read it, I resize into small pixelate :(

thanks for my marcomm-mate, Cut Veria, Raihan & Mba Vela
for Jakarta Globe's contributor journalist Ms. Isabella and editor Mr. Antony
Lots of thanks! ;D

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