Friday, January 28, 2011


Oh my gosh! It's been like years not updating our blog since last oct 2010!!
Waaww....... Yea, we had a lot of stories to tell, and so many different things around us, to pushin' us just like reborn again. Well, first we just wanna say, We so missing our activity.... styling to be stylish, strike a pose, catch the snap, and share to all of my friends..... huhuhu...we do wanna told it, but seriously, it's gonna be so long time story you ever knew. And we so lazy to write it... Zzzz

Well, now we open the new year in his 2011, with the new hope of our faith, love, career, and friendship we entered this year with heads up, and confident to through these all. 
So my first post in this 2011 is about the latest event we've came. It happen yesterday, last night. Me, Ommy and Lala joined the Cantabile! in Concert by Twilite Orchestra. You might knew who's the conductor of the show, right? Yes! It's Mr. Addie MS with his orchestra. In this time they used theme from popular anime, live-action drama until famous movie from Japan. My suggest is you need to watch that serial! Because it's combine from romance between the characters, Noda "Nodame" Megumi with Shinichi Chiaki while they studied in College with classical music concentration. Nodame wants to be Kindergarten teacher, Chiaki wants to be the fabulous conductor. 

Enough that, you can search on google and watch it on youtube if you still curious why this serial could be so inspiring by the fans.

there's still lot of photos, and maybe you can check it on my own facebook.
and yay! We took photo together with Mr. Addie MS!


And this with Ms. Kazuha Nakahara,a professional pianist from Japan!

chop chop, I'm sorry I'm in hurry. I'm gonna continue it tomorrow! see ya! :D