Thursday, March 29, 2012

Peter Pan vs Capt. Hook

Hahaa...  This is my friend's act in Theater KidZania Jakarta. So fun, hope you guys enjoy it! :D

- Peter Pan : Dimas
- Capt. Hook: Wahyu D
- Pirates: M. Ariza
- Princess Tiger Lily (Indian): S. Nursyarifa
- Wendy: Dwisca
- Tinkerbell: Anonna L.

Fan Service

Jakarta is really had complicated weather nowadays. It sun really bright at morning until its noon, but then really cool and frizzy when the evening is come. And when night is come, the smell of wet earth, and breezy air if you still at outside. Brrrrr....!!

Anticipate of the hot weather at afternoon's come, I made an old fan, recycle from last Jak-Japan Matsuri 2011. The sticker with kanji word means Matsuri was already broken by my nephew. Then the frame is still but I never used it. Because these days I've got trouble with hot weather so I think I'm gonna make over it. Again with the same act like I did with my daddy's briefcase :)
Let's do it!

- Recycle fan frame

What we need:
- Cutting words from magazines
- Glue
- Scissor
- Origami papers
- Drawing white papers (for base)
- Additional stickers
- Ideas :)
- Nawaitu :))

The stuffs inside my daddy's old briefcase :) hehee...

Copied the fan shape at hard white paper, make it two for front & back, then glue it

Don't cut it first, but positioning the templates until it rights :) it would stuck together (maybe forever) so don't make it feels so regrets after its done!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Photo-shoot day for Blankiehang Shop :)

Fiewh ...! I'm tired but pretty fun excited because I just already finished take a photo-shoot with my bestfriend, Hanny for her clothing-line Blankiehang Shop!
The photographer is her lovely boyfriend, and the assistant Mr. Brahm :) it takes so long time, from 7 pm until 11.30 pm....
Its quite tired, but I can't wait for the result! :))

Monday, March 19, 2012


My last outfit when I came back home from office.... And loooonggg shift *mata sepet* =_=

shawl Kidnapped Ally white tee CBD Ciledug tight skirt OkeDoku grey cardigan pasar melawai red belt belongs to mom

Daily make up:
Foundation BB Cream Fresh Maybeline
Press Powder La Tulipe 03 & 10
Eye shadow & shading Silky Girl
Eye balm The Body Shop
Eyeliner Inez (black) Etude (white) Silky Girl (purple)
Blush On PAC
Mascara Maybeline Volum Express
Lipstick Pixy No. 510

Daddy's Briefcase

So my Dad had an old briefcase from his ex-boss. Dad never using that bag, it had square shape and black. My mom said that briefcase used for "Uang Kaget" or "Uang tebusan" =_=; mom.....
Because it doesn't have any function, so I have an idea to make over it.
Daddy's old briefcase

What you need:
- Glue
- Double tape
- Words from magazines, then cut it out!
- Additional stickers
- Ideas :)
- Nawaitu :)))

Wall Birdie 2

Trial my new wall-sticker :) 

Bird Origami necklace quirkyjelly, polka dress pasar malam melawai, white tee CBD Ciledug

Wall Birdie

I've been so long time not to cleaning up my room. I don't know, maybe almost 1 year... Fiewh! So now I'm already tidying, cleaning, threw all and separated my stuffs, then voilaaaaaa...... It's clean!
I lovey my room more and more!

I bought these wall-stickers at Pasar Asemka. It's very cheap, but good quality! Only IDR6000 per each! Treasure! :D

After sticking :)

Another side of my room :) I love to decorate my room since I was in Junior High-School. And usually I cut some pictures from magazines or flyer, brochure or leaflet from distro or good shop, which had good design, and I stick it to the wall.
And when I was in college, this hobby was in my lesson! It had name Mood Picture, or people called it mood-board. Just the same thing, it used when you looked at to the board you'll gonna get inspirations which can affect to your projects or some kind of things to do. Mostly design people use this :)

My old mood picture. I called it 'scrap-wall' :D stuck to my wall since last 2007. Felt the Indie spirit, some price-tags and brochures from local distro, word cutting-edge from indie magazines...

My new scrap-wall. Since last November 2011. Contain my fave things here. Yeah Yeah Yeahs band, muse model Darrel Ferhostan, brochure from Barli Asmara fashion show, etc.

Touche of Japan :) Always love the Japan things, like sakura and elementary school-bag, hehee... I bought that bag at Doki-Doki Waku-Waku, my store's friend located at Bandung. I was using that bag for cosplay,..... Yeaa I'm a cosplayer heheheee.....

Since my room is 'deserve' to stay in, I love to taking long time in my room, and try to keep it clean from dusts! Having clean room is really nice, and feel save :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hello Possum!

Last monday i woke up uncoincident just because I remind about 1 name randomly.... It was Dame Edna Everage.

Who is she? She or He? Because the truth Edna is alter-ego from Australian Comedian, Barry Humphries.

Whatever, Edna just shocking me opened my eyes. =_="