Monday, March 19, 2012

Wall Birdie

I've been so long time not to cleaning up my room. I don't know, maybe almost 1 year... Fiewh! So now I'm already tidying, cleaning, threw all and separated my stuffs, then voilaaaaaa...... It's clean!
I lovey my room more and more!

I bought these wall-stickers at Pasar Asemka. It's very cheap, but good quality! Only IDR6000 per each! Treasure! :D

After sticking :)

Another side of my room :) I love to decorate my room since I was in Junior High-School. And usually I cut some pictures from magazines or flyer, brochure or leaflet from distro or good shop, which had good design, and I stick it to the wall.
And when I was in college, this hobby was in my lesson! It had name Mood Picture, or people called it mood-board. Just the same thing, it used when you looked at to the board you'll gonna get inspirations which can affect to your projects or some kind of things to do. Mostly design people use this :)

My old mood picture. I called it 'scrap-wall' :D stuck to my wall since last 2007. Felt the Indie spirit, some price-tags and brochures from local distro, word cutting-edge from indie magazines...

My new scrap-wall. Since last November 2011. Contain my fave things here. Yeah Yeah Yeahs band, muse model Darrel Ferhostan, brochure from Barli Asmara fashion show, etc.

Touche of Japan :) Always love the Japan things, like sakura and elementary school-bag, hehee... I bought that bag at Doki-Doki Waku-Waku, my store's friend located at Bandung. I was using that bag for cosplay,..... Yeaa I'm a cosplayer heheheee.....

Since my room is 'deserve' to stay in, I love to taking long time in my room, and try to keep it clean from dusts! Having clean room is really nice, and feel save :)

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