Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fan Service

Jakarta is really had complicated weather nowadays. It sun really bright at morning until its noon, but then really cool and frizzy when the evening is come. And when night is come, the smell of wet earth, and breezy air if you still at outside. Brrrrr....!!

Anticipate of the hot weather at afternoon's come, I made an old fan, recycle from last Jak-Japan Matsuri 2011. The sticker with kanji word means Matsuri was already broken by my nephew. Then the frame is still but I never used it. Because these days I've got trouble with hot weather so I think I'm gonna make over it. Again with the same act like I did with my daddy's briefcase :)
Let's do it!

- Recycle fan frame

What we need:
- Cutting words from magazines
- Glue
- Scissor
- Origami papers
- Drawing white papers (for base)
- Additional stickers
- Ideas :)
- Nawaitu :))

The stuffs inside my daddy's old briefcase :) hehee...

Copied the fan shape at hard white paper, make it two for front & back, then glue it

Don't cut it first, but positioning the templates until it rights :) it would stuck together (maybe forever) so don't make it feels so regrets after its done!


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