Thursday, September 30, 2010

Have a trust to your haters! They know a star when they see one. Let them continue to promote you for free.
from I hate Quotes 

Oh my Karen O !

Yeap, hello again ! D

This post would gonna followed by other posts from us, with the theme from around us. It could be fame artists, singer, front-man of band, even from friends of us.
We copied Karen O from vocalist of post punk band Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Why we choose her? Because she's one of my favorite singer with original and signature style. She's definitely uber cool with her bowly black hair. Adore!

What's really made you look so Karen O? Indian touch, geometric, black bowl hair with bloody red lipstick, handmade head-piece, elektronic fringe. Super hot!

Behind The Flare Dress

For the Karen O's style we need something like Indian and flare. Or kinda big screen for the dress look alike. Then I cut the soft lemon green chiffon and separated for me and Ommy. It's still incomplete, the chiffon has length 5 meters! What we need just safety pin, needle-points, sewing needle, thread and scissor.

This is Ms. Gnarly Rizkie. It seems like she so busy to create drapery chiffon dress on Ommy's body :)

I'm wearing DIY drapery chiffon dress, embellishment necklace Naughty, ripped jegging Blok M Square, Indian head-piece theater's own.
Quirky Jelly

Voilaa~.. So this is the DIY chiffon dress by Ms. Gnarly Rizkie..! It's asymmetric, so I added zebra pattern scarf for my right arm, blue scarf for neck, red stones necklace Baby Jim Aditya, feathers head-piece theater's own.
Ommy Marietta

We took the photo-shoot at the backstage. So forgive us if the photos looking dark, and pixelate. Meanwhile the minus, we'd love to say thanks to our TEAM!
Absolutely big applause for Ms. Gnarly Rizkie the Photographer !! Hail Rizkie, Hail! :D
hahaa.. thx boss ;))

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Prisoners of Style

Hella there, Lockerette!
Wow, it's been so loonggg time we didn't post anything after several days :)
We miss for blogging very much. Because of the working business made us forgetting to post.
Okayyy... In this theme we basically using Stripes of Black & White. But with our creativity bless from God (Oh gosh, it sounds snob, sorry... Just joke :D), we made our accessories by hand-made. It's totally fun! We've changed to made something new and original. So what did we do?

First, my stripey dress it's very long but mid. Looks so bored with it. Then I have an idea to made cut-out at the side of the dress. Then for our head-dress, it's kinda like bandanna. Maybe after you see the final end, you will think and remind of Lady Gaga. Maybe it's right, because there's nothing originally again in this world. So if Gaga was already using that, then you guys said we were the 'copy-cat' it's no-no!
We just inspired by her. Gaga is an inspiring person for everyone in this universe by day. Okay enough for that Intermezzo.. hehehe..

Second, the head-dress. You might thinking it's so complicated. But definetely it's easy, if you can create it you will find the fun thing. Just like making the scrapbook. The different thing only in mediator. Scrapbook in book. So this head-dress should be has name of 'Scrap-head'? LOL...

"This is my stripey dress. I made the cut out for the 2 sides and center."
Quirky Jelly

"We so busy here.. Making our 'scrap-headpiece' from the pieces of magazine. It's fun!"
Quirky Jelly & Ommy Marietta

Well Ommy looked so busy here... ;D

So I am. Hahaa... :D

And now for the final results!! 
Note: I edited all the photos with photoshop with red color overlay. Why? because it's pixelate and light-less. So these all what I can do.. Sorry for the bad edited =_=;

So this is the final end of my outfit! See the cut-edge, and the'Scrap-headpiece'.
Stripey navy dress Pinkberry, embellishment necklace Naughty, Zipper ankle boots La Jolie custom.

-Quirky Jelly-

My 'Scrap-headpiece' just so big! Everyone called me like worn the umbrella... hahaha... But I'm lovin' it.
Stripey deconstruction dress belongs to Quirky Jelly, red stones necklace Baby Jim Aditya, black leather ankle ITC Mangga Dua

-Ommy Marietta-

So.. Is it crap, or wrap? Yay or Nay? Hahaha... You decide it ;D

Thanks thanks of BIG Thanks for:
Ms. Gnarly Rizkie for taking our photo-shoots
Rezuuu & Mr. Skip for prepared the chair, the background for us...
You guys sooo nice and priceless helpful!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

GHETTO is in da house!!

Hello Lockerette! 

What are ya doin' rite now? Oh my goodness.. Please forgive my fake accent as hip-hoper.. hahaha..
Yea, now I'm gonna post something really fun. Usually just me and Ommy dressed up so total. But now desti and dwisca joined our theme.
This theme, we presented for our hip-hop brothers in our office. Because they requested so long time for us to dressed up like B-Boys.. Oh well I don't know is it completely work, or we just failed 'B-Boys group' wannabe.
First I want you guys to know, I'm not Hip-Hop person, so please please forgive our style if it's just gonna be end as local humor...
But it just me, Quirky Jelly. For others like Ommy, Desti and Dwisca maybe they found the easy way. They are dancer! At least they do dance, knew R & B so well. They knew how to dressed up like B-Boys. Okay, enough for da chit-chat, just lets see the photo-posts, then giva commas, bro...

see da place..
**picture from this locker**

Believe it or not, I'm wearing my daddy's suit! Yea, because my several family working as TNI (Indonesia National Soldier). So I got it all very easily, hihihi.. It complete from head to toe, but I separated with Dwisca. I'm wearing the military jacket, then I combined with black short and Indian fringe boots. If ya looking down it closely, me and Dwisca painted our cheeks with glitter, and it has color with our nation, red and white! :D


**Photo from this locker**

**Photo from this locker**

Okay I'm wearing Desti Dad's baggy pants.. Then I added with faux fur vest, black tank inside, and for the cassette necklace? It belongs to Ommy. She made it by herself aaand with Quirky Jelly,, hoho..
Well I hope I'm 'ghetto' enough.. I give title for me and Desti theme as Hip-Hop Military. Jelly said I was like Beyonce at Destiny's child video clip on 'Survivor'. Am I? ;D


Well.. So that's for Desti and Dwisca. I called it them as 'Ghetto Soldiers' hahahaa...
Then now ch-ch-check Ommy and Jelly outtt!!

**Photo from this locker**

Woa! I never dressed up like this before!! Because I'm not a Hip-Hop person, so this is the first time for me. Wow! I'm wearing Chicago Bulls big shirt belongs to Qdut, Ms. Gnarly Rizkie borrowed it for me. Then I just add the accessories like sunnies from Gogirl! Magz, black tight, and Supra belongs to Ommy's brother, Bryant. I put two black tapes on my cheeks like Desti before. I've got the idea became  Lisa 'Left Eye' TLC. I don't know is it working good or not..

-Quirky Jelly-

**Photo from this locker**

So nooowww.... I'm copied Agnes Monica's style in 3 commercial advertising, hahaha...
I'm wearing NY Yankee cap, it's belong to my brother, Bryant. Just the same did like loose white tee, belongs to my another brother, Adit. For the pants, it's old vintage pants. The colors just fade out, but my friends said it's still okay. I'm wearing purple tank inside, and for the white hi-top sneakers I bought it at Taman Puring. For necklace, you guys already saw it at Dwisca pictures above. I made it with Quirky Jelly together. Just put the double tape then give da bling-bling dusts and don't forget to give the chain.

-Ommy Marietta-



Thanx and thanx for:

supporting us became GHETTO FAMILY!!

Good Script

I have a good script.
The actors were great! You and me.
In my favorite scene,
we are a couple. Nothing will betray us.
A very good couple,
Until our friends gave us an achievement in the winner category of "Heart-beat Through Of The Year"
Ain't that nice??

But it's just a scene. A fake scene with a fake couple within.
And how about the real one?

We JUST the actors.
We did our duty, so we made it likes real.

But it's too real... Until we can't describe and explain it in reality.
Could you describe this all?
Because I can't, I give up.
But then if you asking me that,
Then I would say....

Blah Blah Blah Drugs!

After we looking so girly and ladylike with gown at prom theme, now we havin' so fun with these krazzy theme! It's Ke$ha!
Yeap, the 'Tik Tok' singer. Actually my boss didn't like her style. She said Ke$ha havin' a bad fashion sense. A black trashy. Well, see these pictures and make some scores...

Leopard scarf, vintage black printed tee, cropped denim short, DIY black legging, bracelets, black zipper ankle boots (custom shoes), black ankle boots (bought at ITC Mangga Dua, worn by Ommy Marietta)

Is it trashy? Ain't that cool, right? Very rebellious street fashion stylish, I bet it!

Braided hair & photos all  taken by Ms. Gnarly Rizkie
thx a lot!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

White & Denim

We made the first theme is denim! But then we adding with white! So what's happen on between? Check this out, Lockerette :D

This is our inspired picture. From Camilla Belle
**picture from this locker**

Leopard scarf to be head bandanna, loose denim sleeveless dress, DIY wing denim necklace, white tight (borrowed from my friend), UGG wool boots

Leopard scarf to be head bandanna, vintage Lea denim shirt (belongs to my mom), ruffle denim short inside (bought at ITC Mangga Dua), white tight, slip on white shoes

the camera for taking the pictures belong to Ms. Gnarly Rizkie
thx a lot! :D

Dancing Queen

Follow us before the party end!

set the mirror ball... 
**picture from this locker**

Call the DJ please...
**picture from this locker**

I'm wearing boyfriend brown-vest, leopard chiffon-scarf, shiny orange dress, violet gloves, rada borse flowery clutch. Make up and hairdo like Diana Rikasari. hahaha..

-Quirky Jelly-

Well, I'm wearing long grey vest bought it at ITC Mangga Dua, white tank inside, tutu skirt, lenseless white frame glasses, Hogan khaki ankle boots.

-Ommy Marietta-

Go Prom! Even it's late schedule... haha.. :D

photo taken by Ms. Gnarly Rizkie
thx a lot! :D