Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dududu, GAGAGA...

Okay maybe I've been sooo late to write this post now. But the reason why I should posting it because my boss, gnarlyrizkie pushing us (me & Ommy) for tomorrow dress up like GAGA. Oh dear God!!
I mean, a REAL LOOK ALIKE LADY GAGA, not just dressing with the point thing of Gaga. But from head to toe. Damn!
for almost 3 hours me & Ommy chatted and talked how do we look for tomorrow. We completing all the pictures from Google, and find some pictures who maybe we may need it.
You know Lady Gaga... Kind of rare different 'fashion-species' in the universe with daring look style. Quirky (but not me), Weird, Unique... Such we can't saying any words to hail her! Haha..
Uh yeah, I get a lil confuse. And the reports from Mr. Google are just like these:

And the interesting I've got from google, I saved picture from Vogue Japan when Gaga take photo-shoot and dressed up like a man. I knew it's a late-late news, but I'm trying to refresh yer mind.

And the cutest temptation I really want it, The Gaga Dolls....
All the dolls made by Veik, Doll Designer from Beijing

At least, Gaga is couture person! No doubt, Lockerette! Agree with me? ;)

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