Friday, September 10, 2010

Viktor & Rolf? You name it! ;D

Ohayou, Lockerette!
Today is Iedul Fithri. And I almost done to tidy up & cleaning all my house. But I give up for front-terrace of my home. It's a lot a lot a lot of Daddy's stuffs there...
If I try to moving on that stuff, I'm scared Daddy would gonna angry. So I just doing what I can do. Like sweeping & moping the floor... fiiufffhh!!
Well, One day, last Wednesday, exactly 1 week ago me and my partner-in-shift made a promise, we would dressed up look alike Viktor & Rolf. Why we choose the quirky designers? We don't know. We just think at the time and voila, for the next day we dressed like a man.
But when Ms. Gnarly Rizkie took the pictures, she said we are not Viktor & Rolf. We just looked alike 2 lesbians... Whaatttt????
We are NOT lesbians, Madam. I told her we more alike UK Dormitory Student who went out to the Mall than Church...... hahahaa!! I made that sentence and post it into facebook :D
Yea, at finale we didn't work it dressed up like Viktor & Rolf..
But yes, we just looked alike UK students, not lesb!ans yahh...

I wear loose white-tee belongs to my brother, hahaa :D. Then the ripped jegging, I found it at Blok M Square. Also with the printed UK's tie & fedora hat. I've got it at Underground Mall of Blok M. Oh well, the glasses, nylon-gloves, I bought them at ITC Mangga Dua. Hem... the shoes? It's from La Jolie, custom shoes. ;))

-Quirky Jelly-

Yap yap! So now I'm wearing the same outfit like Jelly. This loose white-tee belongs to my Dad... (uh, really, Ommy?-Jelly-). Then for the ripped jegging I bought it at PGC,  it's kinda ITC Mall near from my home. A cheap jegging but looking awesome! I put it, then I buy it without take a long time. Before the others find! Ssstt....! hihihi..
just like Jelly said before, we appointed to dressed up together like Viktor & Rolf. But then we're not looking so originally look alike Viktor & Rolf again... hahahahaa... Yea, definetely we look like UK Dormitory Student. :D
Oh well, for the nylon-gloves, poker-pattern tie I got that from the same place and mall like Jelly.
And for the leather peep-toe ankle, from ITC Mangga Dua. 

-Ommy Marietta-

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