Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mood Board is just arrive!

Hello Lockerette!
How's your first Monday after Eid Mubarak? D'ya having some fun?? It's holiday time. Maybe this is the best time for sparing and make some quality times with our family. Amiiin...
Well for me, The Lady Locker we never stop our activities. Even on a Big Day of Moslem Day like Lebaran, we still put on our responsibility doing our duty, to entertain the kids in our office. Hahahaa....

So now I want to give you something, yea.. something I should need to post it. I will made it and put it on Mood Board Labels. What is Mood Board? Mood Board is pieces of pictures of elements, ambients, the things to make a project. Or maybe we need to made it for inspiration, feeding our brain about the project we did. You may see the picture below, this is or first Mood Board project:

What's the meaning of that picture? And who the hell they are? Calm, calm, calming down fellas :D Now I'm gonna explain to you.
The Viktor & Rolf illustration I took it from Muqliza Imroni's blog. She's an artsy person, the head-creative behind the gothic jewellery, Sou Brette. She's very cool, and she's inspiring me for always keep loyal in fashion world. Big thanks for you :)
Next! Diana Rikasari. Who doesn't know her? She's the famous fashion blogger. But I adore her not because she's fame, always inside the magazine news, No! She's really has a good taste in fashion, and because of her I try to made this blog. Hahaa... :D
Aaandd... Evita Nuh. The magical little girl with full blessed from God to be a younger fashion blogger in Indonesia. Her blog is really inspiring me. Very lovely.. :)
Then Tavi Gevinson. 13 years old little girl with sense of deluxe fashion. Very inspiring! just like Evita Nuh :)
Others pictures I insert it are Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Agyness Deyn, Twiggy, a piece of 40s style and an illustration (a girl with electric blue eye-shadow) from Stina Persson.

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