Thursday, September 9, 2010

Late, Late, and Late, Lockerette! Big pardon...

Hello, Lockerette!
I'm sorry for unmaintained my blog for almost 1 week... yea, 1 week. Wait, A Week??
for god sake, I must put the schedule inside my phone to updating.... fiiuuffhh...
Yea, so many reasons why I really updating so long time. Hum.. it's just personal business.. but for creating the thematic fashion, we always take the pictures almost everyday. But for Wednesday and Thursday, we don't take the photo-shoot. Because the Photographer didn't there. *sigh*
Well, anyway fellas. Tomorrow we, all the big Moslem family in the world would be celebrate our big day. Eid Mubarak, or Iedul Fithri.
for 1 month we already done our fasting activity, then we will celebrate in happiness. Hope you guys will be happy for tomorrow! Yeay! :D

Well so that's a little 'monogatari' (read: story, in japan ;p) of my late-update hehe...

So, with name of Lady Locker & Family, we would like to say:

Happy Iedul Fithri 1 Syawal 1431 H

"Minal Aidzin, Wal Faidzin, Mohon Maaf Lahir Dan Bathin"

-Lady Locker-

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