Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh my Karen O !

Yeap, hello again ! D

This post would gonna followed by other posts from us, with the theme from around us. It could be fame artists, singer, front-man of band, even from friends of us.
We copied Karen O from vocalist of post punk band Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Why we choose her? Because she's one of my favorite singer with original and signature style. She's definitely uber cool with her bowly black hair. Adore!

What's really made you look so Karen O? Indian touch, geometric, black bowl hair with bloody red lipstick, handmade head-piece, elektronic fringe. Super hot!

Behind The Flare Dress

For the Karen O's style we need something like Indian and flare. Or kinda big screen for the dress look alike. Then I cut the soft lemon green chiffon and separated for me and Ommy. It's still incomplete, the chiffon has length 5 meters! What we need just safety pin, needle-points, sewing needle, thread and scissor.

This is Ms. Gnarly Rizkie. It seems like she so busy to create drapery chiffon dress on Ommy's body :)

I'm wearing DIY drapery chiffon dress, embellishment necklace Naughty, ripped jegging Blok M Square, Indian head-piece theater's own.
Quirky Jelly

Voilaa~.. So this is the DIY chiffon dress by Ms. Gnarly Rizkie..! It's asymmetric, so I added zebra pattern scarf for my right arm, blue scarf for neck, red stones necklace Baby Jim Aditya, feathers head-piece theater's own.
Ommy Marietta

We took the photo-shoot at the backstage. So forgive us if the photos looking dark, and pixelate. Meanwhile the minus, we'd love to say thanks to our TEAM!
Absolutely big applause for Ms. Gnarly Rizkie the Photographer !! Hail Rizkie, Hail! :D
hahaa.. thx boss ;))

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