Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our First Style Locker!

so... I tried our new long coat. It's from Screamous. The LBD from ITC Mangga Dua. But the point of this, I DO really love the shoes!! Looked so comfy & warming... hehe :)
Oh the shoes from ITC Mangga Dua too. The glasses? ITC Mangga Dua! the good point is, ITC Mangga Dua is the BEST one stop shopper for eeeveryyythingg....
if you're in lucky, you will get cheap price. but if you don't, it's just the same like local store..

-Quirky Jelly-

 Yea.. and me styling like a 'Bronx' hahahaaa...

the black faux-fur I got it from ITC Mangga dua, and I really shocked! because I think, usually fur, even it's just faux, is really expensive!
but for this one, the fix price just IDR 65000 !! isn't that lovely?? :D
and the leather ankle boots at ITC Mangga Dua too. Umm.. I like the "Ray Ban" glasses with fuchsia frame. I said a joke to my boss if I worn that glasses, I looked so cool like Taylor Momsen :D

-Ommy Marietta-

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  1. Wow, finally!!!
    After all the sweats we spent on those goddamn places,
    after 3 hours we spent on the fuckin' traffic,
    after the late break-fasting,
    after all those pulses I spent for uploading all you guys' photos,

    THE BLOG is here!

    Well, congrats for all of us and YOU, for making this blog happens.


    -Jel, try to make the blog's own account on Twitter, they wanna know what's update on our blog, not your personal life. *rolling eyes

    -We didn't buy that coat in ITC Mangga Dua, remember?
    It was in Blok M Underground (don't want to miss-inform the Lockerette).

    -I never said I agree when you said you look like Taylor Momsen!
    For me you guys always look like Tila Tequila and Snooki, from the 'Jersey Shore' (with way smaller boobs) Bahahahaha!!!
    *That was mean, I know, sorry! Hahahaha!

    -Load other photos, we had millions of of them!!!

  2. hahahahaa....
    yeayeaa!!! because I'm still uploaded 2 photos so I don't publish ot on Twitter..
    but I'm already post it on facebook... :)

    you see, the 'post' button beside the 'pencil' icon?
    *if u can't see it you need comin as ladylocker user*

    alright, alright... I will post and publish it on twitter... *remind that yesterday I had problem with personal emotion ;))*

    ps: what??? you still said we're snooki?? grrr.....*


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