Thursday, May 31, 2012

JFFF 2012

This was my 3rd time coming to JFFF, Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival. If you wanna know my 1st time was on 2004, and it changed my life until now :) (okay, it seems like I'm gonna tell you a bit^^). When it held at 2004, I've got scholarship from Fashion drawing competition which held by Mall Kelapa Gading 3, and it would be announced for the last day of JFFF 2004. I joined that competition, and you know what, I called by the competition's committees to do an interview with the sponsors!! Oh my God!! I never thought that I can entered it!! The committees said I, and about 21 semi-finalists has been chosen by 200+ participants from around Indonesia. Subhanallah... All I've got to do just say that magical word..

After the 1st interview, I failed to entering the next level. But fate would says another... 2 finalists resign and didn't take the prize, so me as the underdog jump into the next level, and voila! I've got the prize to get scholarship at ESMOD Jakarta 1 year program Fashion Design & Pattern Making major for FREEEEEEE......

That was my short story about the beginning of my fashion life until today and for next :) So I felt very lucky person whose got scholarship from one of reputable fashion school in Indonesia. I still have to struggle to survive in the world of fashion. Because learning is not only from school, but from experiences. 

Thanks JFFF, you begin my life :)

And last May 23rd, me, Astrid and Virgi got invitation of Musa's show. He is a well-known Indonesian fashion designer and he was a leader of APPMI, an association for entrepreneur and fashion designer in Indonesia.
Musa held the show with theme of Flobamora Indone(she)aku, a feminism, touch of artwork from Flobamora, place at NTT, like Songket fabrics and embroideries. And this is Musa's ready to wear line, with label M by Musa.

Me and Astrid

Flobamora Indone(she)aku at Harris Hotel Kelapa Gading (23/5)

Mr. Musa

Thx for Virgi for your invitations for me and Astrid! Too bad I have no picture with you :'( xoxo!

The Fundamental of Art

To be health is expensive!
And when it becomes detrimental to the sick person valuable time, because too much is missed. So last Sunday I'll take my time to do sport at Senayan with my bestie Astrid and her cousin, Gia and Arum. Sport like jogging track, aerobic time, and most important is breathing deeply a fresh air in the morning. I never, I mean I rare to do breathing fresh air in the morning. So this Sunday is really precious time for me and my friends. To be honest, I dislike sport =_=... because it getting me tired off... hehee..

from below to above : red converse-me, white sneakers-arum, black white stripes-astrid, white sneakers-gia

Sport is really important. Especially now that I was doing some training in acting, which requires physically fit for an agile voice and body. So when after I did sport, I felt so strong and clearly mind to catch the lesson :) haha... overeacting :D

my mates at SAS (Sakti Acting Studio) <3

And in the end at last lessons of the class, we had like a final exam is.. to do MONOLOGUE ! Oh my...! 
Hope we can do it well. We support each others :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Health is Expensive

Hello there...
I missed for post some new blog.. But well... My situation is not healthy lately. Approximately less than a month now I'm sick, whether it be a headache, runny nose, nasal congestion..... could be due the weather and all, but i'm too busy with the new activities in my office. As I've previously posted about the Acting Class with SAKTI Acting Studio and activities since last Tuesday it had begun. Pretty fun! I've got a new lesson from acting. Moreover taught by the renowed drama teacher like Mr. Eka D. Sitorus. An honor for me to be one of his students.

Nevertheless keep your health, because health care is expensive. You have to pay for the actual drug is a poison that goes into your body. Weather it's also the greatest influence. Pollution. And also the heavy thoughts that can make you stress. 

Keep your health is good, guys ^^


Pray for Sukhoi SuperJet100 plane crashed victims
Pray of the families those left behind
Pray for the best of us
and Pray that provided resilience....

Justin Bieber - Pray by JustinBieberVEVO

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I love holiday!

I never take a vacation! I'm sure if I ever holiday its use to work. So last May 2nd, I take my vacation on my day off. First go to Kota with Acit. Go to the Museum Bank Mandiri with full of dusty stuffs.... Most of the early stuffs anyway banking history. Such as CPU of the computer to the immense size of the current small size.

From the Museum Bank Mandiri, we went on tour to Museum BI. There is much more fun because the large amount of dust blown from the last museum, and the hot weather from outside, we direct the cool breeze blowing in AC and comfortable feel of the museum.

I feel very happy at this museum! Because like not studying, but also not being recreational, learn but also thinking. So that's museum, right? :)
Completing of Museum BI, we walk into Museum Fatahillah, once we will continued to go there, but Museum Wayang (Puppet Museum) and Museum Kriya, also Fatahillah just already closed... That's too bad.. :(
Well, finally we just rent a twin bike with cost around Rp 20.000 (around $ 2) for a half hour. Pretty nice..
Okay, we hungryyyy like yesterday! So we go to a cafe with located across the Museum with name's Gazebo Cafe. Originally, this cafe selling a traditional taste of Ice Cream. Because we heart Ice Cream very much so we go there! With the main course of Ikan Bawal Goreng and the appetizer of Avocado & Green bean Ice Cream! Yummyyyy.... <3

Museum Bank Mandiri

Museum BI

Midas touch! :D

I love Holiday!

That's it! I promised I will came back to this town again :D and after my morning traveled with Acit, in the night I joined with my other friend to go to rock concert of L'Arc~en~Ciel! Woohoo..!
For read my story about this concert, you can click here :) but in Bahasa language.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

RIP Muara Bagdja

I knew him. I don't know him exactly. But knowing him only for a while it makes a sense for ever. I met Mr. Muara Bagdja at @america when Tex Saverio boomed by his couture gown worn by Lady Gaga for Harper's Bazaar US. And its a little bit talk show about it. For several times I don't know who's the MC for the talk show. He had an unique style with little cap and his quirk mustache like an Irish man. But when Ms. Izabel Jahja as editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar Indonesia said "Muara" then I know it, he's a famous fashion writer for some hits fashion magazine! I've got some inspired fashion histories by his write. And his style of writing is beautiful, I mean, he wrote what he thought its beauty, no more or less without sarcasm words of satire.

I felt lucky I met him even it only once... Who knows about age-life, right? 

The one that made me losing him was, when I introduced my self at that talk show and explained my school background from fashion school and he directly asked my future. "Do you have a line or brand in fashion?"
I said, "Not really." He asked quickly again, "But whether you will have a brand or not?"
At that moment, I had business with my friends in accessories so I said, "Yes. In accessories line."
"How about clothing fashion?" he asked and for sure he made me shocked.
"I will, Sir. Soon."
"Segera? Immediately?"
"You will surely realize your clothing line, right?"

That was a shocked moment. He just like slap my face but with gently teasing. I felt like awake and this, I need someone who expert in the field, which was Mr. Muara expert in fashion world said something about motivation and disenchant me from of the bed in the world of fashion. But I don't feel hurt or something down, I feel lucky I had to met him and Tex Saverio. It opened my eyes successful.

Thank you, Mr. Muara Bagdja... I will always remembering our short meeting for ever, and from that moment I promised to made my dream come true, my passion in fashion and will made you proud from heaven. And started from this ANTI PRINCESS MOVEMENT was dedicated to you.

Fashion world has lost you, I've lost you, but your work and writing will always be remembered and be an inspiration to the world of fashion that you love most.

Good  bye, Sir. May you rest in peace in Allah SWT protection .....

Deepest condolence from me.
Jelita D.A

while it is MC-ing the talk show