Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I love holiday!

I never take a vacation! I'm sure if I ever holiday its use to work. So last May 2nd, I take my vacation on my day off. First go to Kota with Acit. Go to the Museum Bank Mandiri with full of dusty stuffs.... Most of the early stuffs anyway banking history. Such as CPU of the computer to the immense size of the current small size.

From the Museum Bank Mandiri, we went on tour to Museum BI. There is much more fun because the large amount of dust blown from the last museum, and the hot weather from outside, we direct the cool breeze blowing in AC and comfortable feel of the museum.

I feel very happy at this museum! Because like not studying, but also not being recreational, learn but also thinking. So that's museum, right? :)
Completing of Museum BI, we walk into Museum Fatahillah, once we will continued to go there, but Museum Wayang (Puppet Museum) and Museum Kriya, also Fatahillah just already closed... That's too bad.. :(
Well, finally we just rent a twin bike with cost around Rp 20.000 (around $ 2) for a half hour. Pretty nice..
Okay, we hungryyyy like yesterday! So we go to a cafe with located across the Museum with name's Gazebo Cafe. Originally, this cafe selling a traditional taste of Ice Cream. Because we heart Ice Cream very much so we go there! With the main course of Ikan Bawal Goreng and the appetizer of Avocado & Green bean Ice Cream! Yummyyyy.... <3

Museum Bank Mandiri

Museum BI

Midas touch! :D

I love Holiday!

That's it! I promised I will came back to this town again :D and after my morning traveled with Acit, in the night I joined with my other friend to go to rock concert of L'Arc~en~Ciel! Woohoo..!
For read my story about this concert, you can click here :) but in Bahasa language.

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  1. Gojhee.. enaknya liburan.. kapan nih kita jalan2 bareng echa juga... taking lots of snapsss.. :) btw di buka bisa kok lewat BB je, tapi yang for mobile phone http://m.wix.com/blankiehang/shop :).. hehe..

    1. Iyaa enak sekali saya liburannyaa! \(^0^)/ ayooo hannn kita liburan!
      iya tadi udah bisa gw buka, kok akhirnya heheheee :))


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