Thursday, May 31, 2012

JFFF 2012

This was my 3rd time coming to JFFF, Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival. If you wanna know my 1st time was on 2004, and it changed my life until now :) (okay, it seems like I'm gonna tell you a bit^^). When it held at 2004, I've got scholarship from Fashion drawing competition which held by Mall Kelapa Gading 3, and it would be announced for the last day of JFFF 2004. I joined that competition, and you know what, I called by the competition's committees to do an interview with the sponsors!! Oh my God!! I never thought that I can entered it!! The committees said I, and about 21 semi-finalists has been chosen by 200+ participants from around Indonesia. Subhanallah... All I've got to do just say that magical word..

After the 1st interview, I failed to entering the next level. But fate would says another... 2 finalists resign and didn't take the prize, so me as the underdog jump into the next level, and voila! I've got the prize to get scholarship at ESMOD Jakarta 1 year program Fashion Design & Pattern Making major for FREEEEEEE......

That was my short story about the beginning of my fashion life until today and for next :) So I felt very lucky person whose got scholarship from one of reputable fashion school in Indonesia. I still have to struggle to survive in the world of fashion. Because learning is not only from school, but from experiences. 

Thanks JFFF, you begin my life :)

And last May 23rd, me, Astrid and Virgi got invitation of Musa's show. He is a well-known Indonesian fashion designer and he was a leader of APPMI, an association for entrepreneur and fashion designer in Indonesia.
Musa held the show with theme of Flobamora Indone(she)aku, a feminism, touch of artwork from Flobamora, place at NTT, like Songket fabrics and embroideries. And this is Musa's ready to wear line, with label M by Musa.

Me and Astrid

Flobamora Indone(she)aku at Harris Hotel Kelapa Gading (23/5)

Mr. Musa

Thx for Virgi for your invitations for me and Astrid! Too bad I have no picture with you :'( xoxo!

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