Wednesday, May 2, 2012

RIP Muara Bagdja

I knew him. I don't know him exactly. But knowing him only for a while it makes a sense for ever. I met Mr. Muara Bagdja at @america when Tex Saverio boomed by his couture gown worn by Lady Gaga for Harper's Bazaar US. And its a little bit talk show about it. For several times I don't know who's the MC for the talk show. He had an unique style with little cap and his quirk mustache like an Irish man. But when Ms. Izabel Jahja as editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar Indonesia said "Muara" then I know it, he's a famous fashion writer for some hits fashion magazine! I've got some inspired fashion histories by his write. And his style of writing is beautiful, I mean, he wrote what he thought its beauty, no more or less without sarcasm words of satire.

I felt lucky I met him even it only once... Who knows about age-life, right? 

The one that made me losing him was, when I introduced my self at that talk show and explained my school background from fashion school and he directly asked my future. "Do you have a line or brand in fashion?"
I said, "Not really." He asked quickly again, "But whether you will have a brand or not?"
At that moment, I had business with my friends in accessories so I said, "Yes. In accessories line."
"How about clothing fashion?" he asked and for sure he made me shocked.
"I will, Sir. Soon."
"Segera? Immediately?"
"You will surely realize your clothing line, right?"

That was a shocked moment. He just like slap my face but with gently teasing. I felt like awake and this, I need someone who expert in the field, which was Mr. Muara expert in fashion world said something about motivation and disenchant me from of the bed in the world of fashion. But I don't feel hurt or something down, I feel lucky I had to met him and Tex Saverio. It opened my eyes successful.

Thank you, Mr. Muara Bagdja... I will always remembering our short meeting for ever, and from that moment I promised to made my dream come true, my passion in fashion and will made you proud from heaven. And started from this ANTI PRINCESS MOVEMENT was dedicated to you.

Fashion world has lost you, I've lost you, but your work and writing will always be remembered and be an inspiration to the world of fashion that you love most.

Good  bye, Sir. May you rest in peace in Allah SWT protection .....

Deepest condolence from me.
Jelita D.A

while it is MC-ing the talk show

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