Monday, August 6, 2012

Dreamy Jizeeru

Yay! My packaged from Jizeeru has arrived! I saw Jizeeru brand when they show at their final graduation at  last year, Esmod Jakarta Fashion Festival 2011. It made by the creative designer Gisela Febrina Juwono. It fully touched of dreaming, imagination, and dreamy illustration. I love that, because I love kind of Japanese style and design, and a quirky touch (mehehehe..^^). Then I met this label again at Alley29 last bazaar at Plaza Indonesia. I ordered pink vest with transparent dotty fabric details. And a detachable white collar with ribbon tie. All I wanna say is..... TOTALLY CUTE!

If you interesting with their collections, you can check Jizeeru at Tumblr here
twitter at @Jizeeru_Sozo

Let the quirky dream coloring your days :)

日本の女子高生 - Gals

Hahahaa... I was check my friend, Rizkia's facebook and just found these old photos were never posted here before :) It was taken last 2010, when this blog still post about our daily life wear thematic dresses.We didn't cosplay, but we loved to dress thematic and look different. I hope it wasn't look out to date :D hihi...

But I still remember about these photos. It was happen on Monday, whereas the visitors somehow come from Japan families. And all of the Japanese moms look out and laughing us hideously. But I thought it was a lil bit humor and most important, they were all happy :)

Japanese Gals! ;D

Me at Jakarta Globe :)


Last month  (July20th 2012) I've had an interview from media (Which was the same day with my older uncle passed away--some kind of gambling feeling to take a hard decision....) a Jakarta Globe newspaper. They interviewed me about my current job in daily. So here can explain to you guys, what kind of job what I had, and what's the job desk to do with it, and if you ever already came to my workplace, which was a fame place for kids, KidZania Jakarta, you'll gonna knew it quickly. Yes! I am an employee there, working to served customers especially children, teach them about how-to-do with several future professions that they never imagined before. People may called us teachers, but we're not in school. We are a guider, an instructor, whatever you called us, but in my office we are a Zupervisor. What is that? Well, you might see my lil' chat with Ms. Isabella & Mr. Antony below :) 

released at 1st of August 2012

sorry if you can't read it, I resize into small pixelate :(

thanks for my marcomm-mate, Cut Veria, Raihan & Mba Vela
for Jakarta Globe's contributor journalist Ms. Isabella and editor Mr. Antony
Lots of thanks! ;D

Saturday, August 4, 2012


We are a part of Galaxy. A part of life thing. 

G A L A X Y  G A R D E N



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