Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hari ini kita akan merayakan SUMPAH PEMUDA yang ke 82.

Kalau dulu kita ingat karena masih mempelajarinya semasa sekolah, sekarang kita pasti sedikit lupa. Bahkan tidak sedikit pula yang bilang tidak ingat dengan isi sumpah pemuda. 

Hari spesial, maka spesial pula perlakuannya. Sebagai bukti Lady Locker menggunakan bahasa Indonesia untuk menghormati SUMPAH PEMUDA.

Baiklah, sedikit mengingatkan dan menyegarkan kembali memori kita sejak sekolah dulu, maka kami tulis isi SUMPAH PEMUDA di posting-an kali ini.
Semoga yang telah membaca tidak hanya membaca di mata saja, tapi meresapi dan memahami seperti apa yang guru PPKn / PMP atau Sejarah kita katakan. 



Kami putra dan putri Indonesia, mengaku bertumpah darah yang satu, tanah air Indonesia.

Kami putra dan putri Indonesia, mengaku berbangsa yang satu, bangsa Indonesia.
Kami putra dan putri Indonesia, menjunjung tinggi bahasa persatuan, bahasa Indonesia.

photo & teks dari Wikipedia


40s Mama's kitchen

Hi, Lockerette,

Back into the past remind us about the vintage things. One of them and the most crucial of vintage is style. Maybe you guys don't realized, vintage stuffs it doesn't always about the fashion and style into the catwalk and the runway. But first come from home, and basically from kitchen.

In 1940 era, Mama's kitchen is the most important thing to be. Why? When the man went to the war (the era of world war I and II), then all the woman should stay inside the house. And what they gonna do just cook and bake. So not surprisingly if today runway models become the 'It' role model, but in 1940 the housewives is the best role figure.

This posting not discuss more about the history of 1940's mom, but the kitchen we set as our photo location. We dressed up still look alike Alice just like the post before. But we just moved on into the next set.

So, don't forget to check this one too, Lockerette! :))

photo from here

photo from here

photo from here

photo from here

Damn, I love 40s era..

3 photos from here

We would like to thanks for Mr. Givan Sonofgusky and Ms. Gnarly Rizkie for the camera and took the photos of us :) 
Well, hey by the way, Rizkie is birthday today! So The Big Family of Lady Locker would love to sayyyyyy....


Welcome To The Tea Party!

Hellooooo.... Lockerette!!

Wow it's gonna be a long long post I've made. Especially we have special picture from our special guest. Curious? Hold on, hold on... After the big posting the I'm gonna show you what is the special of it.. Hehe... 

Well anyway, This is vintage theme. Alice in Wonderland. Everybody has made that theme, the universal theme one. We knew about Alice, almost everyday we show it at theater building with our actress and actor in my office. But then we think, me and Ommy never put the theme into our fashion outfits. So now, you'll gonna see us dressing up like character in Alice in Wonderland. But not as Alice, maybe Alice but it might be show at last post. We dressed up like Mad Hatter and The White Rabbit. And the location set at Mad Hatter's House, held the Tea Party.

What remind you about that Tea Party scene? Yes! The Mad Hatter always said, "Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday for everybody, even you're not birthday today!" Hahahaha..... epic! :D


picture from here

mad hatter bandanna DIY Handmade, grey blazer second shop, polka dot tie Cindy, red bow tie DIY Handmade, purple nylon gloves ITC Mangga Dua, black jeans Logo, blue stripes legs warmer Sox Galeri, purple shoes Online Shop

-Quirky Jelly-

picture from here

rabbit bandanna DIY handmade, white bow bandanna Theater's own, red bow tie Jelly's own, white shirt Vintage, white tutu skirt Theater's own, white vest wardrobe's own, glove ITC Mangga Dua, hand band Jelly's own

-Ommy Marietta-


black dress My Little Angelic, head piece Asemka

white shirt & red checker dress My Little Angelic, head piece Asemka


Whheeewww!!! The photo shoot would never happen without the CREWS behind! So, who's the super guys behind our set? It's a LOT!

Big Thanks Thanks Thanks for all of you, guyss........


thx yous guyss!!! you guys so much help us!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beach In The Locker

Hello, Lockerette!!

Girlfriend Magazine Indonesia wrote today is the day of National Blog Day. Woohoo!! Happy Blogging Day!!
I'm kinda newbie in blog world, but I felt the happiness in journalism world and after all I've got the advantage from blogging. Well, now I'm gonna post something really fun. This time Desti and Dwisca doing some fun in fashion. All the photos upload was edited by Desti. They had theme 'On the Beach', it's complete with the Beach hats and tank top. Wow, it seems fun, right?
Check this out! :D

this glasses decorated by Desti :)

tutu skirt wardrobe's own, black tight unbranded, red flats Bata

tank top & tutu skirt wardrobe's own, white tight unbranded, glasses ITC Mangga Dua, beach hat Disco, necklace DIY Handmade

Take care of your healthiness, because the season of the day is really strange. And it'll easily made you dizzy and fever.

Happy National Blog Day! :D