Thursday, October 28, 2010

40s Mama's kitchen

Hi, Lockerette,

Back into the past remind us about the vintage things. One of them and the most crucial of vintage is style. Maybe you guys don't realized, vintage stuffs it doesn't always about the fashion and style into the catwalk and the runway. But first come from home, and basically from kitchen.

In 1940 era, Mama's kitchen is the most important thing to be. Why? When the man went to the war (the era of world war I and II), then all the woman should stay inside the house. And what they gonna do just cook and bake. So not surprisingly if today runway models become the 'It' role model, but in 1940 the housewives is the best role figure.

This posting not discuss more about the history of 1940's mom, but the kitchen we set as our photo location. We dressed up still look alike Alice just like the post before. But we just moved on into the next set.

So, don't forget to check this one too, Lockerette! :))

photo from here

photo from here

photo from here

photo from here

Damn, I love 40s era..

3 photos from here

We would like to thanks for Mr. Givan Sonofgusky and Ms. Gnarly Rizkie for the camera and took the photos of us :) 
Well, hey by the way, Rizkie is birthday today! So The Big Family of Lady Locker would love to sayyyyyy....


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