Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beach In The Locker

Hello, Lockerette!!

Girlfriend Magazine Indonesia wrote today is the day of National Blog Day. Woohoo!! Happy Blogging Day!!
I'm kinda newbie in blog world, but I felt the happiness in journalism world and after all I've got the advantage from blogging. Well, now I'm gonna post something really fun. This time Desti and Dwisca doing some fun in fashion. All the photos upload was edited by Desti. They had theme 'On the Beach', it's complete with the Beach hats and tank top. Wow, it seems fun, right?
Check this out! :D

this glasses decorated by Desti :)

tutu skirt wardrobe's own, black tight unbranded, red flats Bata

tank top & tutu skirt wardrobe's own, white tight unbranded, glasses ITC Mangga Dua, beach hat Disco, necklace DIY Handmade

Take care of your healthiness, because the season of the day is really strange. And it'll easily made you dizzy and fever.

Happy National Blog Day! :D

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