Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pray and Hope for Indonesia

Watching the television today about my country just like full of sadness. No happiness between. I'm so sad to knowing all of the condition around me.
For example like in my house. Last night I've got trapped into the flood of Jakarta. The height rain from afternoon until night made the city looks dead. I trapped inside the bus almost 4,5 HOURS..!!
Gosh it's crazy... It's just the same total hours like holiday to Central Java. Then inside the bus, I 'm showered by the coldy and breezy AC. Damn, that's why I can't coming to my office today because got bad fever.. :(
*I'm sorry for Ommy, left you alone at office while I hold my stomachache...*

Then today, outside from home still having flood water around human's ankle. But alhamdulillah the water doesn't come inside my house.... And suddenly it's black out. Ohh dammn....!! such our desperate about yesterday is never finish.

But my condition it doesn't matter with our brother and sister at Sleman, DIY and Mentawai Island, West Sumatra. At Sleman, the active Mount Merapi just explode the vulcanic and magma, and I watched at Metro TV live-streaming from the location, imagine I'm in there... I don't know what will to do. It must be very hectic, dizzy, and sickness because the vulcanic dusts.

And at Mentawai Island, West Sumatra, it's Tsunami. The last news I saw it lost around 503 people and so many people died because of Tsunami.

Oh God... What we are gonna do just pray and hope the condition would be better tomorrow.


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