Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Miss I Miss I Miss You!!

Dear Lockerette,

With all our big apologize for almost 2 weeks we didn't post anything. That's because me, Quirky Jelly as admin can't connected internet. Because the modem has borrowed by my sister. And so we have so much fun activities, like shopping together (sounds so girlish, rite?), hanged out, and the lovely but the ravish we visited Japan Matsuri at Monas last week on Sunday, 3rd Oct 2010.
We would write about that laterrrrrr.... hahahhaa... Yea, it seems like I had tons of homework to posting. Hahaa. Nice Nice. :D **Ms. Gnarly Rizkie might be laugh so loud.....**
Well then, I shud sparing my monitor with my brother, Fuad. He wanna chat with his anime and game forum. Bla-bla-bla...

Uh dear I can't wait to post the new more and more!!! Sorry about the inconvenience post I did.

Big Love,

-Lady Locker-

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