Sunday, October 10, 2010

Soon Halloween

Hey, Lockerette.

Remind of October, we might be remember of Halloween. Not only Halloween's Day. At 27th of October we had special day. Which is National Blog Day. Yippee..... I've just knew it from Girlfriend Indonesia October Issue. So what we 're gonna do at that day? It suppose to be so special.. I'm gonna making some cool plan for it :)
Then how about Halloween? Are we gonna wear some costume? Probably yay or nay. We just still thinking and discuss about that.
But talking about Costume, yesterday when I went to Blok M Square, I found cute shops. Not only one, but 2!
Ain't that cool, right?
First I found Gonzo. It's a shop for Japan culture lover, like me. I love Japan and their pop culture, and especially in fashion. And Gonzo made the fashion apparels who needs something 'Harajuku' touch and different kind things in limited products.

Crossing Chain Shirt IDR 225.000

Seifuku Set IDR 215.000

For more info, click on
Feel free for shopping online there :)

make up kit

pirate hat

For more info, click on
Feel free for shopping online there :)

Second I found Costume Closet. The shop I've met about 3 years ago in one of popular mall in Jakarta, then I met again in Blok M. Costume Closet special making costume for halloween, thematic party, or you like something quirky and horror things like vampire teeth, fake blood, mysterious masks, that's the perfect place!

So, are you ready for the Halloween?
Trick or treat, Lockerette...

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