Thursday, February 28, 2013

Compulsive Book

hey guys,
It's a quick post, because my mom already yelling at me to go to bathroom, hehee... 
I want to share about my favorite book, it wasn't a new one, I bought it at Pacific Place, which the coolest bookstore and any kind of cool stuffs in the earth place there! And I found this book (my friend Rizki Rizali said it was just a compulsive thing I bought :p), it cost IDR204000 (US$ 21.11) which you can fill it with random things, with so many various lists inside. You can check these photos below for full information. Okay, I'm gonna go to bathroom soon after all of the photos accomplished upload. See ya! :D

The cover

clockwise from top left: The first page | page that you need to post goods from concert like ticket, bracelets, etc. | Page about soundtrack you love. I love soundtrack from Disney's Peter Pan: Return to Neverland | The high school songs :)

Music from my high school era :) this is the fullest page from entire blank page inside the book. Most are still zero writing.

My fiction band I've dream of :P

Hahaa... my dream band / singers for my dream concert ;D

I'm a huge fan of song, but not for the singers. I only love most for the singers/bands/group if they had the catchy thing I'm gonna love to die.

I love vintage songs.. But somehow when there's gonna had some questions like these, I will confused :S I'm gonna check my playlist again.

Say yes for this!

The silly question :))

Thanks for reading ;)

Monday, February 25, 2013

supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :)

I'm on fire. Its editing level 3000 hahahhahaaa.... :D #random

White tee - Number61 | Short - ITC Mangga Dua | Black Tights - Sox Galeri | Oversize Pattern Blazer - Thrift store | Cafe necklace - Lady Locker 

Random still

This song is stuck in my head.
grey loose cardigan - Tonik | White detachable collar & Bow Tie - Jizeeru | Black top - Gogirl! Bonus | Black Tights - Sox Galeri 

Daily Beauty

I've been crazy about make up for recent years ago, since I still remember got my first job in  fashion Industry. Being a fashion stylist you don't just direct style, but occasionally also have to be ready to be an impromptu makeup artist. So to keep the budget (while paying the make up artist has the different salary), the stylist should be clever to maximize the style, with make up skill. And now I wasn't a fashion stylist anymore, but still love make up. Because the place I'm working in hospitality service company now, had the strict rule for the women have a great grooming, more than just ordinary. Well now I want to share about my daily make up, its so light, so easy to apply, not really much, and capable to every occasion after working hours :)

The Steps :)

1. Clean up your face with facial wash/cleaner, and applied BB cream and averaged over the face. I'm using BB cream from Maybelline. I have two optional, the first is the liquid one, and others the stick. Both have the same function, the differences only at SPF. The liquid had SPF 26, and the stick had SPF 21.
2. Applied the concealer to cover the black side like eye-bag, around the lips, and gently too to covered the acne scars. I'm using concealer from Maybelline, because the concealer contains good mineral for skin.
3. After that applied with two function cake powder. First, I'm using La Tulipe No. 04, yes the bright one, it used for covered up more the black spots at your face, but only for the base, don't put it too thick. And continued with the dark two-way cake by Revlon new complexion Honey Beige. And now its done :)

The Beauty Toys :)

My daily "beauty combat equipment" (from left to right): Blue electric single eye shadow - LT PRO Perfecting Eye Colour ES 09 | BB Stick Clear Smooth SPF 21 No. 03 Radiance from Maybelline | Clear Smooth Minerals Concealer Medium-Sand from Maybelline | 2 way foundation oil free SPF 15 from Revlon new complexion Honey Beige | Lip balm from The Body Shop Cherry Flavor | Blush on from Inez Color Contour Plus No. 01 Italian Sun | Blush On Brush | Gradation Eye Shadow from Revlon Colorstay No. 011 Copper Spice | Lipstick from Maybelline Color Sensational No. B43 Toffee Cream | Gel Eyeliner from Pixy Colors of Delight Bold To Last | Palette eye shadow from Mirabella Rainbow Kit No. II | White pencil eyeliner from PAC | Black pencil eyeliner from Pixy Colors of Delight | Purple eyeliner from Silky Girl | Mascara from Revlon Big Brush Waterproof Mascara No. 01 Black | Liquid eyeliner from Eternally | Hair serum by Makarizo Advisor | hair comb.

 The Eye Jobs :)

It should be using with eye-balm, it used for the eye-shadow base, to make it stick long last. But since I don't have the eye-balm, so I'm using my The Body Shop Lip Balm Cherry Flavor for the eye-base. It had the same function, but slightly fragrant, hihii :)

And now using the eye shadow. I choose Revlon Colorstay No. 011 Copper Spice. It looks so natural, you can combine using the colored light in the corner of the eyes, and dark colored eyes down. Don't forget to put the hi-light on the brow bone, and the dark on the lower eye line. Applied the light color no. 2 from above around the eye-bag. It gave you  the fresh face.

So here's the result for my eye-jobs, after all complete with the gradation of eye-shadows, then I applied the eyeliner from Pixy Colors Of Delight Bold To Last Gel Eyeliner, and put some effect comic-eyes with two fake eyelashes in the eye. To have a bigger eyes, you can put the white pencil eyeliner from PAC, and to give a 60s mod touch, I put a lil bit dots under my eye lines to effect long eye lashes. And voila, now I have the bigger eyes! :D

This is me, before and after make up :) different, huh? This is the real power of make up.

Thanks for read, have a nice day!^^

*note: all pictures via the editing software Photoscape lighting and do not use flash.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

one of my own pleasure

Hello hi!

It's been very long time I'm not post something inside my blog... because of my hecticness of my work-business... fiuffhhh... =_=; and finally I take my own annual leaves for 5 days ahead, and I'm gonna use the days with learn, fun, experiences, maybe doing some crafting D.I.Y projects.... hmmm... nice :)
Aaandd for my misses-release, I want to post something really fun for me, I love something edited photos to be oh-so-called-fashion spread in magazine. I love for taking pictures of my friends, then editing like these photos below :) I do more love for taking picture for sure than to take my own picture. But I'm not a photographer, I just love taking some photos, I'm not a pro. And oh ya, and finally I had my own camera! woohoo! I love it!!! <3 so much fun waiting lists I have to do with it :)

Hihiii... So much fun time with my friend Elisha :D