Sunday, February 24, 2013

one of my own pleasure

Hello hi!

It's been very long time I'm not post something inside my blog... because of my hecticness of my work-business... fiuffhhh... =_=; and finally I take my own annual leaves for 5 days ahead, and I'm gonna use the days with learn, fun, experiences, maybe doing some crafting D.I.Y projects.... hmmm... nice :)
Aaandd for my misses-release, I want to post something really fun for me, I love something edited photos to be oh-so-called-fashion spread in magazine. I love for taking pictures of my friends, then editing like these photos below :) I do more love for taking picture for sure than to take my own picture. But I'm not a photographer, I just love taking some photos, I'm not a pro. And oh ya, and finally I had my own camera! woohoo! I love it!!! <3 so much fun waiting lists I have to do with it :)

Hihiii... So much fun time with my friend Elisha :D

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