Thursday, February 28, 2013

Compulsive Book

hey guys,
It's a quick post, because my mom already yelling at me to go to bathroom, hehee... 
I want to share about my favorite book, it wasn't a new one, I bought it at Pacific Place, which the coolest bookstore and any kind of cool stuffs in the earth place there! And I found this book (my friend Rizki Rizali said it was just a compulsive thing I bought :p), it cost IDR204000 (US$ 21.11) which you can fill it with random things, with so many various lists inside. You can check these photos below for full information. Okay, I'm gonna go to bathroom soon after all of the photos accomplished upload. See ya! :D

The cover

clockwise from top left: The first page | page that you need to post goods from concert like ticket, bracelets, etc. | Page about soundtrack you love. I love soundtrack from Disney's Peter Pan: Return to Neverland | The high school songs :)

Music from my high school era :) this is the fullest page from entire blank page inside the book. Most are still zero writing.

My fiction band I've dream of :P

Hahaa... my dream band / singers for my dream concert ;D

I'm a huge fan of song, but not for the singers. I only love most for the singers/bands/group if they had the catchy thing I'm gonna love to die.

I love vintage songs.. But somehow when there's gonna had some questions like these, I will confused :S I'm gonna check my playlist again.

Say yes for this!

The silly question :))

Thanks for reading ;)

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