Thursday, March 7, 2013

Glittery Dorothy

Still with my DIY project, today I re-vamp my old red converse with something new. Something that would bring me to Oz like Dorothy. Yup! I make up my sneakers with red glitters!^^

I love to search in youtube about DIY Project etc, and I was found in one account about making your own Halloween costume with cheap and easy way. And now I want to do it with my own shoes.

First thing to do, you will need this equipment. Prepare all.
1. Big bowl (to accommodate grain glitters, by the way the bowl not include in this photo, but next, I forgot to put it in).
2. Fox glue
3. Brush, medium size.
4. Absolutely glitters (I choose the red one, because my basic sneakers is red)
5. Paper tape
6. Old newspapers.
7. 3M Spray Mount Artist's Adhesive
8. A little magic of creativity :) Boom shakalakaa :D

Then, you covering the rubber sole with paper tape. Don't worry, the glue & glitter will not leaking through the tape :)

Glue all with brush, and don't forget to caught the glitter powder with bowl 
(It would be better you glue-ing per each sides)

Its not done yet, after all of completed, basking dry directly under the sun. 
Its better you did it at sunny day)

Spray with Spray Mount Artist's Adhesive by 3M then dry again.
(Don't forget to lay with old papers)

Voila! After one hour left and its already to use^^


I'll name my glitter red converse with Dorothy, hohohohoo^^ I'll post with outfits soon! 
Thanks for reading, I hope this post can bring you some inspired things.. 

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