Friday, March 15, 2013

2nd Giveaways :)

I miss my 90s era!
you know, today's kid would get every each information really easily. When I was a school-kid, I really hard to search my favorite things. For example, I love Hanson. Every article about them in magazine, newspapers, I will buy 2 pieces, one for collectible other for collage-cut pictures. I always dream about them came just for me (especially Zachary Hanson, the cutest drummer of the era), reply my secret message, we talk like forever best friends... And I'm gonna be Zac's girlfriend... Such a wild! Hahaaa... :D
But today's kid will getting any information really fast & quick just type & text such as twitter and others social medias to get their responses. Some of working, some of still try so hard to get another replies with multiple mentions (my personal experiences =_=). I would not give a damn with it, just wanna say, you guys really lucky living in this era. I even jealousy! If years ago the technology already boost like today, I'm gonna very easily keep in touch with Zac! Hahaaa... Kidding :D But somehow, the vintage is memorable & long lasting, I just compared, don't wanna fight, hehee. Because I enjoy & living today, using the new kind of techs & modern life style too :)

Well, talking about the memories of 90s, I'm gonna give you this memorable book about 90s, written by Marchella FP  the one kind of graphic book designer, with kind of memories of 90s inside. Its really fun and you'll gonna say, "Aaaaa iyaa banget!" or laughing read the notes for every picture she drawing off of. And this is really good book for you who was born in late 90s and the 2000 something. You will  know the history about the cool thing of our era :)

So get this #MARCHGiveaways with follow the instruction below:
1. Follow my twitter @quirkyjelly
2. Tell me about your favorite things in 90s, everythings (could be music, food, toys, jokes, fashion, tv series, etc.)
3. Don't forget give the last tweet with hashtag #MARCHGiveaways
4. Maximum 5 tweets from you :)
5. I will announce the winner at Monday 18th March 2013

Good luck! :)

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