Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jazzy Vibes

I love Maliq & D'Essentials, one of a kind Indonesia Music artist with Jazz vibes. Last saturday I went to Central Park Jakarta for watching their performances. But sadly I can't go near into the stage, because its only of the phone-buyers. Yes, I was go to the Grand Launching of Blackberry Z10 at Jakarta. The first time in Indonesia. Okay so I won't talking about the technology now, meanwhile that RIM (now Blackberry only) didn't pay me to write the reviews.. Hahahaa... No no, I'm not so cynical of that :) just kidding :D

But then I'll go into the level 1 floor, watching from the heights, its quite fun, moreover I can zoom in their performance :)

my dearest friend Nana watched Maliq very seriously^^ she's big fans of Maliq & D'Essentials :)


after the show is done, me & Nana goes to the Central Park, a park inside the mall. It's very nice place, and also we watched a home band, singing top 40s, accompanied by the dancing waterfall, and the romantic lighting park :) so beautiful <3

(using reflected touch)

wore 3 kind of necklaces. tribal necklace: Yogya | ring metal necklace: unbranded | dream catcher necklace: unbranded | grey dress: sister's | black legging: unbranded | shoes: DIY converse 

Don't forget to check my video about Maliq show!

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