Thursday, March 7, 2013

DIY-Room Tour :)

I love DIY-Project till I die!

Last week, I took very long annual leaves about 5 days. And I make over my room since the flood tragedy last January in Jakarta (it does gave us big effect even we're not Jakarta's people, but we're living exactly near Jakarta). Because me and my family were very busy persons ever (even week end we still working until the midnight is come:( ) we're never tidy up very total to our lovely house. So I took this holiday to clean up my home after 1 month ago, plus make over my lovely bedroom^^

Okay, I would not posting how-to-make it proceed, but I will post about the photos about prepare tools, before-after, and the result.



and also you can check my video about Room Tour, especially with my favourite song from Maliq & D'Essentials! 

Thanks for reading& watching!^^

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