Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Winners of #MARCHGiveaways :)


My heart beatin' so fast to write down this post...
After 3 days plus 1 day (for judgement time), I've got so many tweets from everyone about 90s! Some of catchy, some of write about their unforgettable childhood experiences and etc. I've got insomnia to choose the winners! Also, I already announced the people about the prizes that you can get. I already mention about the giveaways, a book from Marchella FP with titled "GENERASI 90AN". a book. but I extended become 2. So the total winners are THREE..! Yay! ^^

And now the winners are! :

Agung Rpani @piagioripani
Rizki Ridho Akbar @Qdut
Givan @sonofgusky

Congratulation to you guys!!
You truly 90s kids! 
For check their tweets, you can search to hashtag at #MARCHGiveaways and be careful getting nostalgic with their stories!

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