Friday, January 11, 2013

The winners of #Januarywish GIVEAWAYS!

It's a wrap!
Yes its done to finished the #Januarywish GIVEAWAYS competition! And nowwww.... I'm gonna announce the winners! Not only one, but three! Woohoo!
Before I'm gonna write down the winners' names here, I just wanna say.. I'm very flattered for everyone who participated the quiz. Thanks for your time to write, your attentions to share your wishes and resolutions, and everything what you want to be at 2013 :) May Allah blessing us, and accomplished your best wishes come true! AMIIIIINNNNNNN.... :)

And here it goes the name! *drum's drooling*

#1 Widia Dwi Murti @WidiyaWD
#2 Astrid Tri Wahyuli @acidkacit
#3 S Una Cps @SUnaCps

I will delivering your giveaways to your home, just give me your complete address to go :) Thanks y'all!

*Note: I'm not going to publish their emails, because they contain content privacy. Thanks :)

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