Friday, January 4, 2013


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Happy new year everyone!
I hope you guys always got full blessing from God, amiin ya Allah... :))
A new year, a new hope, some new resolutions! So, how's your new year day and how to celebrate? Mine it was sooo crazyy...! Nay nay, I'm not doing some party or kind of clubbing or anything else. When New Year's Eve, the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta had a Car Free Night. There were no motorcycle or cars even the public transportation didn't working. And all of people walking and do long march to Bunderan HI. I did, with my friends Gaby, Inas and Abi walking along Sudirman street until Thamrin street. 
Along the way, we did crazy act like say Happy New Year to everybody around us, the strangers, the people, even police-man too! We had a new friend too from Argentina, his name is Mr. Marco Traba, we said hi, then he was really enthusiastic. Time showed 02.30 and all of the transportation started to operated again, but we just too exhausted to walk. Then we've got an idea to come home with police's car. It was so hard to get the permission to joint inside the car together, but then we found an angel who finally brought us to the parking lot again (around Pacific Place, the 1st place we went out). The officer said he want to go home to Bogor, so he can picked up us together, because we had the same route to go.
Yea yea... it was really amazing night, with crazy friends around :)

And here are some of my resolution in 2013. Actually I'm kind of go-with-the-flow person, it doesn't mean I don't have any goals, I have, but looking through forward of my life and I'm gonna make some resolution ahead :)
- More discipline (my friend Angelina said we should be goal in this! Yea I should!)
- More religious 
- Having a personal camera
- Love, carrier, business all going smooth and sweet :)
- Having more quality time with my family
- A brand new life, a new chapter of me :)


In this January I would gonna made some GIVEAWAYS to you guys.... Which is this is my birthday month, and I want to do the new one, sharing my own happiness to others, giving useful things that you can use too, to make you happy its my own personal happiness. So be ready to #JanuaryWish GIVEAWAY from Lady Locker! Woohoo!

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