Tuesday, November 20, 2012


What would be happen if creative meets cutie-bomb? The result is Fantastic!

When Nicola Formichetti meets Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, the IT icon singer from Japan, adorable iconic style very cute and amazing for me.. It was like a new world has born. Full of colors, many kind of shapes that you never-been-thinking of before to be fashion items. 
Nicola Formichetti a half Italian, a half Japanese was a head creative of Thierry Mugler, creative director of Uniqlo, a Japanese brand, direct stylish of Lady Gaga, and founder of e-commercial Nicopanda, met for DAZED cover magazine December edition with Japan Pop Star Kyary. and another cover with Angelababy, a beautiful model from China mainland, he said Angela doesn't need to go west, because here in Asia she's already massive star. And last word for Kyary (the words that made me LOL..) "F*** Gangnam Style! It is All about her!" no he must be kidding :))

source: Style.com

Behind the cover making video

And this is Angelababy with Nicola Formichetti

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