Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Casting Call? :)

I'm back :)

For a month I've been coursing in Acting Class with Mr. Eka D. Sitorus, as well-known as an acting teacher who's having an Acting School, SAS (Sakti Akting Studio) at HIN Building, Bulungan-Jakarta Selatan. 
No, I'm not saying now I'm good at acting :D what I've got from this class like I realized now about acting is not pretending to be someone's character or being a new 'you'. You just diggin' and show the 'dramatic I'. And I like his quote about acting, honest, sincere, simple. (jujur, tulus, sederhana).

Because I completed all the 8 meetings so I've got a certificate from my office and SAS. Hohoho...
I'm still learning kiddo, so if you test my acting skill, I just wanna say, "So... any casting call?" LOL!
freak. =_=

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