Monday, July 9, 2012

Do It Better. Do It Greater.

Long time not post something :) Been busy with a new job, a new circle so I need some adaptation :))
Yesterday, I mean 2 days ago me and Hanny with blog of here, attended to an It event of nowadays. A Fashion Bloggers "DO IT BETTER" with guests from famous Indonesian fashion bloggers, which are Dewi Utari (dewiutari), Diana Rikasari (Hot Chocolate & Mint), Heidi Kalalo (Fashion Maverick), Bethanny Putri (Afternoon Tea and Living Room) and Cindy Biantoro (Diamond Hurts).

The event held from 2-7 July 2012. And for 7th July there would be like a talkshow and its all sponsored by Nylon Indonesia Magazine,101.4 Trax FM Radio and 87.6 Hard Rock FM Radio. I came at at Thursday, 5th July. Because I can't come at Saturday. So bad...
But for a week the Atrium Plaza Indonesia at Level 4 wasn't the same days like before, because I came for the fashion installations from those fame bloggers. I curious with their creativity and wandered their imagination to arrange a good display about their though and passion in fashion.

So I captured some pictures... May these all would give you some inspiration :)

Less And More - a label from Heidi Kalalo

de.cada.dia - a label from Bethanny Putri

UP shoes - a label from Diana Rikasari

Only i - a label from Cindy Biantoro

NYLON Indonesia - sponsor

My pick for the best installation is Only i from Diamond Hurts. Really eye-catching display, full of fairytopia naked barbies, and the place like a sanctuary Shangri-La, or whatever what you called it paradise. She definitely successful delivered the meaning and the concept. Cool :)

Good job for you, girls :) You made Indonesia proud of your talented and artsy girls in nowadays :)
And it proved being a fashion bloggers it doesn't always like a hobby at all, but you can do and can made something with this hobby. A lot of money (of course), fame, your name will be everywhere, people will be heard and know about you, and the important thing is you got change to be know, to show of being you, the creative and smart girl in different way; blogging :)

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