Tuesday, July 17, 2012

10 Things

Back into my childhood time, it was the 1st time I watched adult movie (I mean, with those kiss scenes), well thank God the movie still about school life, family matters and best friend so I'm a bit understand. But when I watched it I don't get it. Maybe because I just quite little or too plain to understand about that relationship. So I skipped it. The movie boomed on 1999, I was in 1st grade at Junior High School. Quite old, huh? :)

Then, I've got the DVD, I watch it again, and I fall in love! Again! Hahaaa... I mean, I knew I'm fallin love with this movie ago, but I just don't ever realized that I'm sooo in love with this movie. For me, it was the complete elements to watching teenage movies. Love, family, set location, best view, crazy act you-wanna-do-when-you're-young, party, friends, cheating, idolize... everything. I re-watch again and again and again.

Learn by this movie its like a treasure when you tried so hard to find the genre, a scene kid, and absolutely fashion by the era. You can find it at Bianca's style. Cute and adorable girl. Kat has the style. Affected by the music that her listened. Indie girl-band, and I adore her room. Full of collage magazines posters about her likeness in music scene.

And I'm realized too if Heath Ledger's never looked so flawless and gorgeous at another movies he played. He's so damn awesome. I like Julia Stiles started from here. Larisa Oleynik is such a babe.. (I stole Kat Stratford's words, hehe) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.. I just found out that he's dating Julia Stiles for real. Hmm.. Rumor Has It :)

The school set. Perfect school location.
I love the American's house style :)
Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles), a smart and brilliant teenage angst, with spirit indie. Love her character <3
<3 Heath Ledger!


The Playlist it may helped you to got the music scene about the movie. It wasn't a soundtracks, just came out at the same era. Last 1999.

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