Monday, July 30, 2012

Genius in Art

I'm very confused when taking a decision to came to this event. Because I'm still working at week end. But hey, I went there, at the last day :) At Alley29, Plaza Indonesia. 
It was really hype place with hype people participated the bazaar. Which were the it fashion bloggers united here, open their fashion tenants, offering some cool stuffs and goods. I promised with myself for not bought anything. Because I'm waiting for the day until I buy goods for Lebaran Day. But I broke the rule... I bought stuffs more than 3...! Geeze.. I can't hold my breathe with something cute and lovely around! Aaaa... :O

Then I stopped my eyes for catchy stand, with colorful area and looked so fun inside. I knew it was belong to Miss Cindy Biantoro, a fashion blogger from Diamond Hurts, because I already saw the quick post at her blog before. I saw her sat with her friend, doing something, I can't see her face because covered by her green-round hat. She seems so busy, then she finished and gave the thing (and I realized it was a necklace, a feather necklace, and its handmade! wow!) for her friend, and hang the necklace at necklace's rack. I'm still amazed then I courage to asking her, how much the price about? And Kak Cindy said, "Hmm.. only 35000 Rupiahs." :O I'm shocked, and my friend Acit more shocked than me, she yelled "Mauuuuu...!" And with lovely Kak Cindy made one necklace again, the same feather necklace but with other color. I keep and hold that feather necklace, worried if another customer saw and love that necklace too. 

While she made another feather necklace, I tried to talking to her about the fashion tenant and say permission for taking pictures for my blog. Well I'm sorry to you because I only took pictures at BAM! tenant, not others. Because my eyes dropped here, and my heart melted down and stuck. I won't go another tenants! Because it was amazing experience, how cannot? I tried to get closer with Kak Cindy, talking about her project, her blog, and she responded me very nicely. I felt very appreciated by her :))

And Kak Diana Rikasari just arrived about 5 p.m. She looked amazing with rock n roll black chain vest, all black and white color, and wearing her pride own shoes label UP, with Claire model :). I'm talked a bit with her about her UP Tree standing in the center of the hall. I said I had UP Shoes too, Joan model but I didn't wearing there. She's very cute, and its far away from my expectation, she's tall! I thought she's supported by her wedges but its not. She's tall for real, and beautiful (for you DR haters said she's jerk or ugly face, you need apologize haha). While Kak Diana went and looked around the hall, I'm still stayed at Kak Cindy's tenant. She said to me if I had twitter, please kindly for mention @DIAMONDHURTS about this met moment. I answered absolutely yes. But later not that the moment :)

After Acit's necklace is done, I said, "How about we exchange? I wanna give you this necklace, its handmade too, from my own label Lady Locker?" She surprised and asked what is my blog. I gave my blog address and she said very thankfully. No Kak Cindy, the truth is me should say thank for you about the golden moment that I've never forget in my life. I'm talking with the genius and talented artist that I never imagined before.. :) I'll be waiting for your next moment we may meet up again and waiting for your great ideas ahead! :D

The BAM! her creative project, BFF series. Handmade products created by Cindy Biantoro @DIAMONDHURTS

It was quite interesting, because the series out with BFF theme and I came there with my bestie Acit, hehe.. We laughed together when I said, "Hey Cit, its BFF theme. Just like us! The right moment, huh? And now we had the same feather necklaces! Yay! <3"
Acit: "Yay!"\(^0^)/

When she's very busy making Acit's feather necklace hehe ..^^


Ta-daaaa!! These are our handmade feather necklaces made by Kak Cindy Biantoro. 

Up: Belongs to Acit
Below: Belongs to me
Suddenly model: Acit ^^

I'll be post soon my outfit with this necklace ^^

So this is me with Kak Cindy Biantoro :)

So these all my hunts from Alley29! 
Grey opaque: Brown Platform by Anastasia Siantar
Feather necklaces: BAM! BFF series by Cindy Biantoro
Cake in a jar: by Cake Velvet
Vintage birthday papers: (geez I forgot the store..=_= forgive me..)

I don't know for the future this event will continue or not, but if you interest with this bazaar, you can check on their further info twitter at @alley29bazaar or email at

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