Monday, October 1, 2012

Book Worm

I love book!
I mean, I love every book with so many various themes :) Since I can read for the first time, I knew what it called comic. Some people don't read comics, maybe because the complicated to separate each panel to panel or the noise of the effects, but yes I can read comics. I was collecting comics too since I was a little girl. I have few, but most of them was borrowed from my friends, hehehehee... or my friends borrowed my collection and we can't find our original collection, because its too many hands over. Maybe you had the same experience like me too, huh?;)

Okay, I missed to collecting books or comics. And now I already had my own income every month, my own money, so I thought I should collecting few books to fill my empty bookcase. It wasn't the true bookcase, actually. I don't have any bookcase.. only my dad has it, fill with his old and bold books about maintenance and high machine.... x_X; I already try to collect comics, but disaster like great flood had destroyed the collection. So now I try to complete each of comic series, especially I found old themes like "Miss Modern" and "Pop Corn". Those are my favorite title, because I love the artistic how the manga-ka (the comic illustrator) drawing the characters and the story still normal (which are so many comics are very fantasy... not all,  but some). And after I bought those comics, I covered them with plastic book covers and put my own name card inside the book, to distinguish from others :)

September is my month of books :)

Yeay! Finally I found a book match with my likeness! It's a Doodle! <3

Some of the collections at my beauty desk....
(I don't have a bookcase =_=)

And the most my lovely hobby besides collecting books is making a smash book :)
This is my old-big smash book, full of my likeness since I was in High School <3
And few pictures are originally made by me :) And oh yeah, the left picture on the top are poems made by bestie Hanny since we 1st grade at High School! She has been soo creative! Love her artworks <3

If you wanna know more about how to made smash book / junk journal, you can check this video from youtube :)

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  1. yayy.. gojhelll.. ^^ thankiess.. I still have your hand-made certificate too in my scrapbook.. hehe. kind share it later on my next post.. ^^

    1. yihaaa!! \(^O^)/
      I'll be waiting for it! ;D


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