Thursday, September 27, 2012

Long Ago


bloom pants - Mallory by Okky, shoes - Up

Hello All :)

I really miss my blogging time :( however I've been very merry busy like a hamster running in a wheel... Since Lebaran Day I have so many busy things to do. My job desk, actually. Yea.. I'm kinda hard worker.. and put the job thing first then another's soon. Lemme explain (ehm! I hope you guys would mind listening :) ).
I joint into the dance team, a flashmob dance team, another fun project at my office (you can check the youtube video below), and the last I've got promoted to the next level.. and I need to adapted with the situation.. the staff, the area which were I should lead on.. Very busy. 

Well, talking about the outfit. Since I've got 'a new toy' from Jizeeru, a white plain detachable collar with blue ribbon tie, I'm so in love to mix and matching with my outfits. Seriously it gave me a new style, meanwhile I just put it on to my old outfits :D. I'm wearing more than 3 times, and only post 3 combine pictures. 

But few friends called me a member from JKT48 when I wore that ribbon tie =_=;...

White detachable collar - Jizeeru, stripe shawl - Kidnapped Ally

And I made a shredded tee^^ 
I hope it works! I used this tee at the video below.
(sorry for the blur pic.. my brother use the zoom in)

And this is a video for my flashmob behind the scene dance practice :)
Maybe the dance at the big day is upcoming post^^

And the event news at^^
(do you see me inside the photo?...)

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