Saturday, March 22, 2014

True Love Can Wait

Last month, I've got a special requested from my best friend, Elza (call her Echa) for her Big Day, her wedding day. The unique part was Echa has married with one of our friend from high school. Yes me, Echa and her husband from the same school. Even me and Echa were being best friends since junior high school, met her since we were 13 years old. Yes it has been so looong time... time flies so fast... until I didn't realize now I'm in mid twenty (almost end twenty).

They didn't made some pre-wed photos, so they need my help to make some illustrations for their wedding. I feel surprised also honored. I almost cancelled the request, because they requested 2 days before THE DAY. Such an insane! If I'm not love or disrespect them I would not take the job. But because they are also my family, and we are growing up together... being fool and smart, sad and happy, poor and prosperity, childish and maturity... we've been through those pace together, and I feel so happy with their wedding plan, so I accept the challenge. Even it will make me feels so tired after that. 

First time Echa needs me to make some comic about their love-journey, but because I can't make comics so I didn't make it. I offered the other option was making some illustration. Same concept like Echa's, but with illustrations. And I feel its a good time to flexing my hands after long time not keep in touch with papers and pencils, hehehe...

So here's the illustrations !

and here's the mini clip about their love-journey<3 

These rough pictures below are the raw sketches before it was displayed at Wedding Day

Alhamdulillah it's done! And it looks neat and pretty good to display :).
One night before, the Saturday night, I went to Bintaro Plaza, quickly find the perfect frames. Going home and continue to coloring until morning comes... I am not sleeping! Stay on along the night. AND continue being a best woman at the wedding day, Sunday morning. AND fainted on Sunday evening!

Oh, now they are already a month being a wife and husband! Congratulation!
May Allah always bring happiness for your new little family. Amiin Allahuma aamin..

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