Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mini Freak


I lied. I made a promise to post the new one Sunday two weeks ago. But so much business comes like unstoppable bullets in my head... fiuh, Thank God alhamdulillah its done, until the next business again.

So, I had a new hobby-actually its my old hobby. I love collecting miniature like doll house complete with the accessories; bed room, bath room, kitchen and little foods since I was a kid. It's not started by Barbie doll. No, I'm not really love Barbie and her accessories. But it's your choice if you like Barbie. I love Sylvanian Families. I'm not really understand the history of Sylvanian Families, but its okay. I can learn with flow.

Yes I am starting to complete all the collection from Sylvanian Families. And yes its not cheap! I should spent it from my monthly salary, or saving for a while for buy the expensive one. If you asking 'why you should buy that? Its crazy expensive!' yes it is. But you can ask that same question for people who freak with another expensive hobbies, such as Gundam, Blythe, Nendoroid, et cetera.

And these all my little collection of Sylvanian Families. I'm still in progress to complete it. Do not hesitate to give your comment about it all :)

first 4 sets

detail of Dining Room Set. Sorry for blur picture..

Breakfast Set.

Kitchen Cooking Set. I love the detail of kettle! <3

Children Play Set. I thinks its Japan made.

I tried to make a little kitchen diorama hehe..

Borrowed my brother's nendoroids and its totally fit! <3

Then.. I bought a starter house and made white fence from ice cream sticks set and painted with acrylic paint.

aaand... make a story of Cafe PuPu <3 hihihihii~

"Welcome to my new cafe! It's Cafe PuPu, and me Sanny Choco Rabbit as the owner will please to meet you!"

"Second floor for my bed room" Sanny Choco Rabbit

"And this is Kiki Squirrel, the best chef in Sylvanian Town!"

"Hey I have a new neighbor! It belongs a princess from Three Dimensionaland, this is her Holiday Bungalow. Looks lovely, right?"

Yap, that's my little collection of Sylvanian Families. And if I'm not in playing-mood, I'll tidy up the accessories and put it in the container box. And so this below is front look of Sanny Choco Rabbit's house.

It's a wrap^^ not really hehe. Maybe I'll post about these stuffs next time!
See you.

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