Sunday, March 16, 2014

Toys and Toys!

Yesterday me and my brother Fuad attended to Toy and Comic Fair at Balai Kartini, Jakarta. It has 2 days expo, so I chose in Saturday. I hope I can met Sylvanian Families toys or re-ment, but its none. None of them sell something about Sylvanian. A bit dissapointed, but then I found a booth sold re-ment toys. Not just the accessories, but also the Megahouse re-ment kitchen. Oh my God! My energy is back! And after long discussed with my bro about 2 options, I drop my choice for Kotatsu Table from re-ment. Almost buy the Rilakuma cafe table set, but my bro said if I buy Kotatsu, he can borrow for his Nendoroid. I thought it would be cute too.. hehehe...
You can see the Kotatsu Table set at the post below. Kotatsu means in Indonesia is cozy-lazy table, use for the winter season. It will give you warm feeling and won't out from there.

Mostly I found Marvel superheroes from Avengers in Toy and Comic Fair. That's okay, because I like it too. Especially when I met a giant size of Iron Man. Its so wowed. 

Check these photos below!

Capt. America & Red Skull

Dr. Doom from Fantastic 4

real size of Iron Man!

Stark's Iron man suits from Iron Man 3


Look at the flame effect!

awesome diorama effect!

cute lego! <3

Look at the detail of Starbucks cafe

Stark's lab in lego version

huwala... Bikini Bottom!

Famous pipe before flappy bird take over it

super cool detail diorama from Mazinger!

sorry for blur picture... =_=

aren't they kawaii??? <3

the only supergirls gang I really want to join in!

this is not the special edition. the special ed has the limited dora watch. yes its limited.

one of the breath-taking action figure 

from ToygraphyID booth. Check their instagram for good daily doses

poor Woody...

every time I watched Transformers, I also loved the machine-working sounds. It sounds eargasm. I don't know why^^

its a wrap! and its a good closing with my self-picture hi-five with Iron Man, huh? hehee...

thanks for read!

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