Sunday, April 15, 2012

LEGACY - La Salle College Intenational

Friday the 13th.

It wasn't scary tho. Because its the night to celebrate the graduation from La Salle College International Jakarta at Senayan City, Hall 8th Floor. Starting the time at 7 o'clock, me with Nonna (while waiting Ryad 1 hour late to come =_=) looking around the hall with so many good displays from the students of La Salle, majory in photography and fashion business. Some of them are catchy to seek, and here too I met Lady GAGA. Hahahaa...

I knew its not the real person, but 'she' (frankly someone inside the bubble dress is a MAN) is successful being the radar attention in the room. No doubt I getting closer to 'her' and allowed to taking the photo together :D

And I like one of the photography display here. The model reminds me of GAGA (again).

And the fashion business displays are good too. They successful to introduced their concept, and for my self I definitely understand about the whole creative. There some minimalism conceptual and all wearable So that's the good point when you saw a concept fashion boutique. You can wear plus you got the style.
And whole the collection had the reasonable price :) good job, students.

So this is the rule. You saw the displays at the exhibitions, and after that you met the collections at the catwalk. It showed that the products wearable or not when it fits on the models, how the movement and the shapes, is there any wrong when the customers wearing it.


I love the acrylic necklaces! <3

A kind of unique shoe-designs with good qualities from the shoe-fabrics, like leathers and suedes. I love this one too :))

The Main Stage

After waiting almost 1 hour to go (from schedule at 7 pm then it started at 8 pm) and waiting my lately-late friend Ryad =_= the show is start!
Opening by 4 dancers with theme of Broadway dancers in Roaring 20s they dance really entertainment! The boys only wearing pants and the body painting shirt complete with the bow tie :D cute! The girls wearing the flappers black dress with the hair-buns style. I can't take the photo because I only using my phone camera and the light to speed to catch. So bad :(

Well btw, the main theme was 20s style. Some of using the right theme on the design but others mix with the nowadays style. A bit futuristic in "A Shadows of the Night", futuristic touch with khaki domination colors. And other students capture the sign of 20s like fringe dress, turban, feathers on head, long cigarette pipe, but  taking the style at China in 20s era. I felt like entering the Chinatown, the China classic pub with the modern girl as it girl of the era.

At " Audrey Hepburn Meets the Single Man" it truly adapted style of Audrey Hepburn in candy-color style, fabrics kind of tweeds, wool and the big round hat like Audrey's signature.

It almost an half of hour the show, I'm not completed to watch it because the nature's calling (toilet...) and I'm a bit bored with. The one that I mostly wait is the performed by Darell Ferhostan, my inspiring model. Yes he walk the stage and every single eye attention to him. First he wore a man's suit then the finale for the closing show he wore a woman's outfit! So sad I said it again I'm not completing watch the show... So I just passed it! Fool me :(

with Anggi <3

The late maaaannnnn Ryad! Haha finally you came just it started! :D 

my friend Anonna. My mate since morning until the midnight is come :)) one day full with you, dear.

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